Send Printed Photo Messages with Pixinote on iOS


Messages your Friends Can Hold in their Hands

Do you ever get the feeling like everything is digital these days? Digital video, digital music, and digital messages are everywhere.  Do you ever just want a message you can touch or hold in your hands? Something that isn’t written or read on a tiny screen?  Well you might want to check out this app called Pixinote for iOS.  It’s created by a company of the same name.  It’s a cool new way to create printed photo messages that are professionally edited and cropped to look amazing.


User Interface and Functionality

When the user logs in they are shown a title screen that actually shows them a sample of what their finished pixinote would look like when it’s delivered. At the bottom of the screen is a button to “Join Pixinote” and a link to be able to sign in if they are already a user. The account is free to create and the app is free to download and use.  However each message ordered costs $2.50 and can be charged to a credit or debit card from the app.

After the user logs in the see a screen with the title of the app at the top, also a menu icon in the top left hand corner.  Tapping the menu icon shows a menu the has the menu choices of : “Create a pixinote”, “Sent Notes”, “Billing”, “Invite Friends”, and “Contact Us”.  Create lets users create pixinotes complete with a photo and a message.  Sent notes shows your previously sent pixinotes. Billing shows your currently listed credit card. Invite friends show a screen that lets you invite friends to your contact list and to pixinote.  Contact Us opens up an email to contact that developers of pixinote for more info or feedback.  At the bottom of the screen is an “Add Recipients” button that lets your add people to your current message you are creating.

Changing the photo on the message is simple.  Just tap the screen and either load up a photo from your library or take a new picture to add to the message.  Changing the message is simple too. Just tap the message section and the keyboard pops up. Type your message and your message is ready to send!  It’s pretty simple and the user interface is very intuitive.

Overall Rating

I’m giving this app 5 stars for it’s simplicity and ease of use and it’s affordability.  If you are someone who is looking for a way to send custom printed photo messages to someone check this app out. You just might find what you are looking for!



Pixinote is available in the app store right now! Go get it today! 

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