DialMask iPhone App Helps You Hide Your Cell Phone Number


Remember back in the day before cell phones became so popular. The telephone used to be in your home and not in your pocket or purse. There used to be people who would call your number with sales calls but if you weren’t at home you really didn’t care that much. It’s hard to be bothered by a phone call that you aren’t aware of. These days the issue is your phone is usually with you all the time and when strangers call you on it, it’s not only annoying, it’s inconvenient. It might be at work or at the doctor’s office or any other time when you just don’t want to talk. Bottom line is preventing people from calling your phone when you don’t want them to is definitely a service that people want these days. That is where the new DialMask iPhone App comes in.

DialMask acts like a buffer between your cell phone number and people you don’t want to call. You simply sign up, pick a number, and make your calls in convenient privacy. When you call with your phone, people on the other end see your new “masked” phone number instead of your real phone number. Thus keeping your cell phone identity safe from those you don’t want to know about it.

Some of the features of DialMask include:

  • No contracts, pay as you go
  • Choose your own private number
  • Texting available US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and UK numbers

Bottom line is this app works for all kinds of uses such as giving your number to someone you don’t know well. Using your personal number to manage your business. Signing up for stuff that requires a phone number. Social networking or online dating.  Buying or selling stuff online.  Hiring contractors or movers.  These are just some of the uses.

Downloading the DialMask app is free however there are a few costs involved with this app.  Getting a new phone number costs $2.00.  You can even have multiple numbers as well.   The great thing is the app’s developers give you $2.50 free when you first use it.  So the number is free essentially.  Voice and Texting is not free but the costs are fairly negligible. It costs 4.5 cents per minute for phone calls and 2.5 per text.  So it’s not free all the time but it’s also not very expensive.  Definitely great for someone who needs to occasionally hide their number from someone else.

Overall Rating:

I give this app 5 stars for doing exactly what it says it does, doing well, and doing it relatively in expensively.  It’s a nice reliable app for anyone looking for a little anonymity using their cell phone.

Grab this app here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1041745849

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