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Got Musical Talent? Check out UnCovered

Today I have the pleasure of playing around with the app “UnCovered – Record, Discover, & Share Music”.  It’s a social media app for musicians that lets them record their own music, share it with other people, become friends with those other people, and maybe even collaborate with them musically in the future.  It’s basically Facebook for musicians with some music recording functionality built in. Let’s dig in shall we?


User Interface and Functionality

When the app loads theirs a brief title page and then it takes users straight to the “Discover” screen. This screen shows users several different feeds they can look at.  The “Discover” feed lets users see artists they haven’t seen before and anything that’s new.  The “Featured” feed shows artists that have been marked at featured by others.  The “Featured Users” feed shows users that have been featured by others.  To play a track from the discover or featured tracks feed just tap on one of the tracks and a player screen is loaded.  From this screen users can favorite the song, like it, and also see what artists are doing what on the track.

From the collaborate screen users can find people to collaborate.  Users can comment on songs, make requests of other artists, share songs with social media, as well as record their own music for other people to collaborate with them.  One thing I think this app could use is a bit of instruction for the user.  I think a brief tutorial about what the expected idea is for each of the screens would be helpful for users to get them moving in the right direction right from the get go.  I wasn’t sure if the recording functionality on this screen is designed to allow users to create recordings for others to collaborate on or if it’s meant to be able to record something along with the music that is already there or perhaps both of those are correct?  I’m a bit fuzzy on that but the music and recording functionality works as expected.

The rest of the app works as you would expect a social media app to work.  There is a profile screen, a favorites page to share with others, searching capability, and way to record yourself to showcase your talents.  The last item isn’t really expected in most social media apps but for a musicians app it’s definitely what I would expect.

Screen Shot Gallery

Overall Rating

Overall I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to showcase their musical abilities and share ideas and talents with others just like them.  If you play music this is the social media app for you! I would definitely check it out! I give this app 4 stars all day!

UnCovered is free in the app store so check it out today!

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