Secret iPhone App Lets Users Share Secrets Annonymously


secret iphone sharing app

Have you ever been dying to share a secret with somebody?

​This is the question that I think the developers of the new iPhone app “Secret” must be asking?  The app titled “Secret – Speak Freely” in the app store just shows “secret” on the main user interface.  Secret is an app that lets users share their deepest secrets anonymously with the friends who may or may not know who they are.  


Here is the way it works.  Each person who downloads the app has to create their own account.  Account holders need to use an email address, phone number, and password to create an account.  Their are no names entered into the app at all.  The app matches up people with the people on their contact list, based on email or phone number.  Anyone who is matched to someone can see that person’s posts and that person can see their posts.  However neither person knows the name of the secret poster.  Each post is shared anonymously without any identifying items like name, email address, or phone number.  Users can only see the post itself, photo associated with it, and the state it originated from.  Users can also see the comments on each post and they can also comment on the posts themselves.  

secret iphone app

Personally I think the app is brilliant but I wonder how many people will truly use it.  Also since there aren’t that many people using “secret” yet, the quantity of secrets being posted is low.  It’s definitely not much fun without seeing posts from people you might know.  I’m from Illinois and so far I’ve only seen one post from my state, so I pretty much know the secrets I am reading are from people I don’t know at all.  

I have couple problems with this app in general.  One of the ways they tell you to get more notifications is to invite others to try the secret app through email or SMS.  In my opinion, this takes some of the users anonymity away from them. If I received an email from someone to try this app and I tried it and started seeing notifications right away I would conclude that it was most likely the person that invited me who shared the secret. I couldn’t prove it, but I could easily make that leap to suspecting that it was that person.

​​This brings up another concern and that is the privacy aspect. As internet users we are often taught that nothing on the internet is truly private. We are also aware that almost any private system can be hacked at one time or another, and its secrets can be shown to the world. What is to stop somebody from hacking this system and sharing the secrets people share along with the associated email and phone number? It’s definitely a risk if a secret user decides to share a secret that could come back to mess up their life in the future. I’m not saying to avoid the secret app, but I am saying to share only secrets that wouldn’t completely mess up your life if people found out about them. Here’s a few examples of what I mean in case you are confused:

You probably shouldn’t share these

  • Killed someone
  • Cheated on spouse
  • Know where bodies are buried
  • Do drugs at lunch time
  • Embezzled money.

These are probably safe to share

Enter your text here….

  • Threw away spouses favorite t-shirt cuz it’s ugly and nasty looking.
  • Like to eat watermelon with ketchup
  • Sometimes sing show tunes naked while home alone.
  • Avoid your spouse in the morning because they have horrendous breath!

I think you get what I’m saying after reading those lists.  By the way those lists are just lists I made up off the top of my head.  They are not a confession of any guilt.  I haven’t done any of them even though I do like a good show tune once in a while.  I’m not the walk around the house naked type of person anyways.  It’s too cold in Chicago for that nonsense.  Anyway I give the secret app 4 out of 5 stars because I love the idea and I think for some it might be a form of therapy.  However it’s kind of boring without lots of friends on it with you and the possible ramifications of any of the dark secrets getting out might be scary for some people. Use this app with a bit of discretion.  Happy sharing everybody! 🙂

secret iphone app
secret iphone app
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