Got Bucks? Get Sudy Dating iOS App and Get Some Action!


Sugar Daddies meet up with Ladies with this iOS Dating App

Rich guys looking to be a Sugar Daddy for some mutually satisfying one on one fun look no further than the iOS app “Sudy”.  It’s a dating app similar to Tinder but with a theme of hooking up ladies who like to be pampered by guys who have some cash in their bank account.  Other than the theme of the app their really isn’t anything unique about it compared to apps that are along the same lines..  Read on and we’ll get into it.


User Interface and Functionality

When users load the app they are greeted by a title screen and then taken to the Sudy page where they can see two tabs at the top. One tab is for moments which is simply a feed of recent posts on the app. The second tab is “Nearby” which shows users a screen of ladies who are close by to the users current location.  Guys who like the profile of a woman can send them a message or send them a “Sugar”.  Sugar is basically the same as a “Like” on Facebook.  Sugars in Sudy allow users to get ranked higher in the listings.  The more sugar you have the higher up your profile goes.  On the either screen users can filter their results based on specific criteria such as “Male/Female”, “Sugarbaby/Sugardaddy”, Age, and last time online.  The filter actually works very well and that is a nice surprise because I have seen many apps where the filters don’t work very well.  Another screen is the “Tapit” screen which is similar to Tinder in that users can swipe left to pass on someone and swipe right to keep them.  There is also a message screen to see messages that were sent to you and a “Me” screen that shows your personal profile.  Users who really love Sudy can also opt to go “Premium”.  The fee for this is $29.99 per month for 6 months, $39.99 for 3 months, and $59.99 for 1 month.  For the cost of premium users get a badge on their profile that says they are premium, Quick access, better matches, view visitors whenever they want, unlimited share to the moments tab, attractive recording, get coins and gifts and send it to one you like.

Some men might find it a little off-putting to be known as a guy who pays for the company of beautiful women and privacy is most likely something that is of value to Sudy’s “Sugardaddy” users. That being said I thought it was a good thing that sugardaddy profiles aren’t able to be seen from the sugardaddy ranking page.  I tried to view one and it said “Well, I’m a Sugar Daddy you can’t see me!”.  This is a good thing because you never know who might be using the app locally.  You and your own boss might be on it.  You and your own FATHER might be on it.  Ya never know and the fact that sugar daddy’s can’t see other sugar daddy’s profiles is probably a good thing in my opinion.  Oh and by the way in case you were wondering the “Sudy Ranking” page is another page of the app where people are ranked on Glamour, Wealth, and Weekly Star quality.

The things I didn’t like

I didn’t like the whole “Gold Coin” thing.  It makes it feel kind of cheap and silly.  I think if wealthy men are looking for ladies with this app then they aren’t going to want to deal with how many coins they have.  I also didn’t like them because they don’t really have much information about how they work.  I think they need to add more info about how the coins work within the app settings page or the page where users can buy coins.  It looks like one of the reasons for gold coins is ranking.  It looks like coins and sugars are used to rank people based on popularity but if that’s the case then why have coins and sugars? Why not just sugars? I’m sure the creators of the app have logical reasons for how they created their app but it would be nice if they let new users in on them.  That’s all I’m saying.  Check out the gallery below for some screen shots of the app as I used it.  Some photos might be a little racy so keep little ones out of the room before tap on them.

Gallery App Screenshots

Overall Rating

When you through in the features, clean interface and combine that with the slight annoyances I give this app 4 stars out of 5.   


Check it out in the app store today!

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