Chat With PopTalk – iPhone App Review


Text messaging with a graphic twist

poptalk iphone app review

Today I’m reviewing the iPhone app PopTalk.  It’s a chat app that lets users chat by using their own customizable avatar.  When you first start using PopTalk you have create an avatar to talk with.  Users can choose between male or female, choose things like hair color, skin color, clothing, shoes, hats, hair styles, and the location where they are chatting at.  

Since I like coffee I like to do my chatting in the apps coffee shop background.  It looks like a Starbucks in a way so thats really cool.  When users chat they type text into the app and it appears to the person they are chatting with in chat bubbles above the avatar you are using.  But the coolest thing is the emotes.  There are so many funny little emotes that playing with then is almost as fun as chatting with your friends.  Emotes like “face palm”, “lol”, “twerk”, “dance”, “ggnm (gangnam style)”, “pee”, “poo”, “mnwk (moonwalk)”, and “X_X” which does this cool thing and then your head pops off! I’m tell you that I spent a good 10 minutes just playing with emotes I was so entertained.  

The contacts section checks to see if any of your contacts are using PopTalk and it tries to connect you to them.  The recent section shows you your recent chats, and the settings section allows you ways to customize the app experience on a daily basis.   The app also has a hidden person menu that allows users to take photos of their avatar, change wardrobe, or update location.  Users can choose from a coffee shop, a night club, and other fun locations to chat from.  How many people have their own cartoon avatar to chat with? It’s fun, unique and I kind of feel like chatting with avatars makes it a little bit more entertaining so why not give it a try.   The name of that app again is “PopTalk”.  Check it out today!   

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