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Live Streaming plus Social Media Equals Awesome!

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and Twitch all of these social media networks have several things in common.  They are all social media networks with millions of users using them each day.  All of them are wildly successful.  They all help people connect with others in their own special way.  And lastly they all incorporate streaming video as part of their platform.  Live streaming video has become something people really are attracted too in today’s “Give it to me NOW” society.  People don’t always want to wait to see something according to someone else’s time frame.   Live streaming video connects people to the action while it’s happening.  BIGO Live is a new live streaming social platform app from BIGO Technology PTE. LTD that has joined in on all the streaming action.  I got a chance to review it today and here is what I found out.


User Interface and Functionality

When the app first loads the user is shown a title screen and then taken into the BIGO Live screen.  This is a screen on the that displays all the streams that are currently live at this moment.  At the bottom of the page is an icon bar.  The left igloo icon is for the BIGO Live screen and the saturn looking planet icon on the right side is used to go to the Explore page.  Users can explore the different live streams based on categories like “New”, “Nearby”, “Countries & Regions”, and “Hot Live”.  Users can also search from the explore screen to find anyone they want to see.  Each person sets up a profile with a photo, bio, age, hometown, education, and career.  From the profile you can see a persons gender, star ranking, and top fans.

When watching a live stream there are several areas on the screen to look at.  At the top left side of the screen is the persons name and a blue plus symbol.  Tap that symbol and you are now following the person you are watching and will see notifications of their latest streams.  Across the top of the stream is a row of profile photos of the profiles of the people watching the stream.  Users can tap on one and a pop up pops up allowing users to follow them and see their facebook profile. Directly under the top row is an indicator showing how many “beans” the person has. Beans are the currency of BIGO.  Users get ranked based on the number of beans they have.  The higher the rank the easier it will be to have their streams found. Users can send other users virtual gifts like candy, kiss, ring, crown, cupid, etc….Each of these gifts cost diamonds. Users can buy diamonds through in app purchase at a price of 99 cents for 42 all the way up to 3818 for $89.99.  I’m not sure why the numbers are not rounded more but that’s not really that important.

Screenshot Gallery

Overall Rating

My overall rating for BIGO LIVE is five stars all day.  It’s a fun app to use, easy to setup, and it’s very well built. I didn’t see any glitches or bugs when I was using the app whatsoever.  I highly recommend BIGO Live for anyone looking to get into live streaming.  I would definitely add this app to my collection of social media apps to publish too. The fan base is active and it’s growing.

One thing I forgot to mention was there was also Face-to-Face capability with BIGO as well.   So I guess that while your streaming if somebody wants to show their face to you, you can turn that on and get a more intimate conversation going. Pretty cool and fun!

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