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Plan out your next trip with Trippn

Traveling anywhere used to mean dealing with travel agents, making multiple calls to several different companies, and calling around to get the best deal to get your to the place you want to travel to. But the mobile phone has made travel planning easier and easier.  Once such app that has come along has been Trippn.  It’s a travel app that lets users plan a trip from start to finish before they even set foot on an airplane.  Keep reading and I’ll go into more detail about it. Better yet just watch the video and you will know all you need to know!


User Interface and Functionality

After the title screen when you first open up the Trippn app you see the “My Trips” page.  This is a page used to display the saved trips you’ve been planning. At the bottom of the page is a plus symbol.  Users can press this when they want to add a new trip to the list.  If the user has previously saved trips then those trips show up in the “My Trips” pages. In the upper right hand corner is a google maps symbol and to the right of that is a menu bars symbol. Click on the map icon and it opens up a google maps on the bottom of the screen. To right of that is a menu icon that opens up the apps menu. From there users can plan trips, get directions, create a new trip, and chat. Although I haven’t seen one person chatting with this app yet. In Trippn there are a couple of different ways to plan a trip.  One way is a planned trip.  This is where you tell it where you would like to go to and it lets you look up popular vacation spots in that area.  Users can choose different points of interest, restaurants, bars, and much more

Then there’s an instant trip which is pretty much just like google maps. You plan a trip by giving it the name of the place you want to go to.  Then it pulls it up and you can plan to go there or send them an email. Once users have their instant trip planned out they can use them.

Screen Shot Gallery

Overall Rating

Overall I feel the app needs a little bit of work.  The movement between screens is a bit cumbersome and could be better. The lack of any kind of start up tutorial made this review a little bit harder to write.  I had to figure things out before I got to the review.   This made this review take longer I imagine would make it harder for someone to begin planning their trip who had no idea about the app.


Trippn is free in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. Check it out today.

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