Top Five Best Black Friday Shopping Apps for iOS


Five Amazing Black Friday Shopping Apps


flipp ios app“Flipp” – for iPhone or Android helps make your shopping trips simple as pumpkin pie!  No more hunting for a Sunday newspaper the week before Thanksgiving to find those crazy black friday ads.  Just pull up Flipp and search for the stores you know you’ll be shopping at.  Flipp allows users to search for stores in their vicinity as well. The interface is easy to use and the app definitely gives you exactly what you expect.  Tons and tons of shopping ads. This app is not just good for Black Friday, it’s good year round for all your shopping needs.


shopsavy ios app“ShopSavy” – is another app for both iOS and Android.  It also can be controlled from the Apple Watch as well.  Let’s say your out at a store looking at a new laptop.  You like the price you are seeing at that store but you wonder if you could get it at a better price elsewhere? Simply open up your ShopSavy app and scan it’s barcode and poof! You now have prices for the same item from any of the other stores in your area that carry that product.  It makes it extremely convenient and easy to compare prices from other stores.  ShopSavy also scours all the major stores for sales so they can let their users know about it. You’ll know about price drops with ShopSavy as well.

the coupons ios app“The Coupons App” – gives users coupons and promo codes for a ton of retailers each day.  Search for great deals from your favorite stores and get notifications when new deals become available.  Shows you the coupons that are about to expire and gives you  a warning about them. Besides Black Friday deals users can shop for free samples, discounted gas, marked down items, and much more.  Stores listed on this app include Walmart, Target, Meijer, Chipotle, Saks 5th Avenue, Best Buy, LEGO and Kroger Grocery just to name a few. If you are a person who uses coupons when you shop then you need to check out this app!


retale ios app“Retale” – is a great app to handle your Black Friday shopping.  Weekly ads, coupons, favorites, and a shopping list will help you manage any shopping trip and even your Black Friday shopping day.  Users can see stores in their location as well as choose favorite retails stores to watch for sales and events.  Users can choose from a list of retailers as well as choose a retailer from a specific category.  The shopping list is convenient because anyone can make one up and go shopping with it within a matter of minutes.


black friday iphone app“Black Friday 2016 Ads App” – According to their iTunes app page this is the #1 Black Friday shopping app.  I’m not sure if that’s true but it is definitely one of the best Black Friday apps for iOS in the app store.  Some of the features for this app include: “breaking news and leaked ads as they happen, store ads, search by category or store, see discounted products, doorbusters, notifications on latest news and sales, a favorites list and access to Black Friday coupons.  The app is like an all in one Black Friday extravaganza.  If you can’t find it with this app it probably isn’t on sale this Black Friday.


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