Everythink Calendar and Task Management Software Review


Everythink productivity appEverythink management software integrates calendar, tasks, contacts, and more.

The Everythink app helps users manage their calendar, their todo lists, tasks, and contacts through the use of integration of the iPhone’s contacts, photos, task lists, and calendar data using the developers patent-pending “drag-hover-drop” methodology.  Wow that was a mouthful!  Another way of saying it is, this app is not just good…it’s great!


The Everythink app is functionally flawless.  Every screen, function, and method works as promised.  Even the unique drag-hover-drop works as advertised.  There were no stoppages or glitches whatsoever while I was running the app.  Bottom line is this app is functionally perfect.

Appearance and Usability

I have to be honest.  When I opened up the Everythink app I was incredibly surprised at how nice it looked.  Usually when someone says they have a new “productivity app” for me to try I don’t normally expect something so nice to look Everythink main screenat.   But in this case I had to make sure i was using the correct app because when this app opened I said to myself  “Hey this looks good!”  When the app opens the users are treated to a nicely designed main screen that shows notes, a date book, attachment file folders, a globe representing the web, a map, and a contacts book.    From this page the entire app opens up to you and you have a plethora of choices and useful functions to choose from.  First theirs the notes.   On the main screen is an image that actually looks like a stack of paper notes tacked to a wall.  Users can tap the notes and the notes screen opens up.  Users can tap the red plus icon in the upper right corner and a new note is created and opens up for them.  At this point they can tap the screen to start typing or tap the arrows at the bottom to switch to a note of a different color.

Going back to the main screen users can then choose the date book.  Once they tap the date book it opens up to the current date.  The date book takes information from the iPhone’s datebook and puts it in the one in Everythink.   On the left side of the screen are tabs.  Each tab represents a different calendar that was previously setup in the phone.  At the bottom of the calendar is a toolbar that lets users switch the datebook’s view.  Users can choose from date, week, month, and list.  One of the nice things I found is the separator on each page that separates the to-do list and the events list.  Users can drag it up and down to see more of each list when they need to.  Users can use the “Drag-hover-drop” technique to drag items from one list to another.  Users can also attach files, Everythink3spreadsheets, photos, website addresses, contacts, map locations and post it notes to any event or date.  After users add a new item to the datebook they should notice that the same items on the main screen are the same as the ones available to be added to each datebook entry.   In my opinion this helps tie everything together nicely and that makes this app unique and easy to pick up.

The globe icon on the main screen is a web browser that lets users go to the web and find information they can add to notes and date book entries.  The map icon opens up a map that shows the items in the date book that correlate to a place on the map.  For instance I have a reminder set for my dentist appointment next week.  In the reminder I reference a contact from my contact list that has the name of the dentist’s practice.  Using this information, the app was able to look up the name, get the address and plot it on the map without me having to add the address to the contact list or the event.  So convenient and a nice touch to say the least.

The contacts book takes in the iPhone’s contact list and users can add new contacts to their phone right from inside the Everythink app.  Just as nice is the fact that any contacts added to the contact list from outside the app are automatically available in the app as well.  Again a very nice and well thought out function.


Overall this app rocks!  It looks great, is highly functional, and very useful for regular people and business people alike.  It’s well designed and the users will get every penny’s worth of their $4.99 investment.  I don’t normally recommend people get an app with a $5 price tag but in this case I really think this app could be useful to everyone.  But don’t take my word for it.  Get it yourself and see what you think!  Then leave a comment and a review in the comment to let me know if I’m right!

Available in the iTunes app store: [itunes link=”https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/everythink-organizer-calendar/id570140941?mt=8&uo=4″ title=”EveryThink_-_Organizer_Calendar_and_To_Do_Manager”]

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