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everythink productivity appEveryThink just keeps getting better

Everythink HD is the newest version of it’s flagship organizer app for the iPhone and now there’s a version for the iPad too.  Once again they have improved what was already a terrific organizer application.  They have added even more functionality and improved the app as a whole.  Lets discuss…

I’m not going to go into all the functionality of the app  because I’ve already done a lot of that in the first review I did of an earlier EveryThink version. Then I reviewed version 1.3.1 where they added DropBox and a few other things to the app.  Now they have come out with EveryThink HD version 2.2.4.  New to the app now are several features that go along way to make this app even better than it already was.  One of the first features added to this version organizer appwas Evernote connectivity.  Evernote is an amazing note taking app that thousands of users have put the good use since it’s first version in 2008.  Evernote helps users remember everything from business plans, school lessons, dates, and so much more.   Evernote lets users take typed notes, as well as link video and audio to those notes.  So what better way for EveryThink to improve it’s app than by adding Evernote functionality into the mix.  The previous versions of EveryThink handled the support of calendars and task info.  The EveryThink HD has been enhanced to sync all types of data between copies of EveryThink, on different devices, sharing the same iCloud account.  So if the user has a work and home version of the app using the same iCloud account then data gets shared between them.

One of the new features in EveryThink HD is the ability users have to create customized file folders that they can store all types of data in.  Users can store items like slide decks, websites, and photos in their file folders with a simple tap of a finger.  The version I reviewed was on the iPad and I feel the iPad is where EveryThink really soars.  Users can see the desktop and datebook or file folders all on one screen.  This makes things really convenient and easy to use.  For more information I would like to have you watch the video review I did a little while ago.  It will show you a perfect example of why this app is a five star app all the way.

Video Review


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