Deep Sleep Alarm A Brain Stimulating Alarm Clock App


title screenKiss Your Snooze Alarm Goodbye

The Deep Sleep Alarm is a unique kind of alarm clock app that is based on the idea that if you stimulate your brain long enough, after your alarm goes off, you will be more inclined to get up when your alarm goes off.  It’s got a fun interface, a cute monkey as a main character, and it definitely does what it says it does. Let’s discuss.

Appearance and Functionality

The app loads with a title screen that has the name of the app.  Also on the title screen is the little sleepy monkey deep sleep alarm clock setcharacter, and two signs.  The sign on the left is the manage alarms sign.  The sign on the right side is the create alarm sign.  The manage sign lets users manage multiple alarm clock times and the create sign obviously lets users create alarm clocks.  It’s pretty simple and straightforward and I like that.  No muss no fuss!

The create alarm screen lets users pick a time and am or pm and set the alarm.  Once the alarm is set they are all set.  Just set it and forget it.  The user goes to bed and in the morning all heck breaks loose!  The alarm goes off, the flashlight comes on, the screen starts flashing and the phone vibrates so much that it almost falls off their night stand.  Okay all of what I just said in this last paragraph was a flat out lie!  What does happen isn’t quite as flashy as all that but it definitely is just as stimulating to the brain.  The alarm goes off and up pops up a set of math problems.  In order for the user to shut off the alarm they must successfully complete all the problems.  The longer it takes to complete the problems the louder the alarm gets.  And the louder things get the more the user wakes up.

alarm problem screen

So that’s the Deep Sleep Alarm.  Does it work to wake you up? Well…yes it does!  Is it perfect for everyone…who knows? But it’s pretty cool and I’m sure that there are those out there that will definitely get use out of this app.  So go check it out and see what you think.

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