FaceTrackCam Face Tracking Camera App


Smile for the Camera…Show Me That Face

FaceTrackCam is a new app for the iPhone that does some cool trickery to track a persons face on camera using  the magic of programming.  It’s a cool app that tracks a persons face by finding it and tracking it the whole time they are on camera.  Once it finds the face it zooms in on it based on what settings you have the app set at.  I had some time to play around with it and I must say that it does work.

How the app works

facetrackcam2When the screen loads the user see a camera screen that has a front or back camera button at the top.  Users can use this to switch between the two cameras.  It’s pretty standard these days for camera apps to have something like this.  Near the top of the screen there is an “Auto Zome Out” toggle switch that can be turned on to tell the app to automatically zoom out when the subject is too close.  Directly below this switch are two bars called “Zoom Level” and “Speed(sec)”.  These control the amount of zoom and how fast you want the app the react when zooming.  Someplace in the middle is best. Too slow and it takes a bit too long to adjust and too fast and the camera seems very jerky.   Near the bottom of the screen is the camera button and video button.  Users can shoot video or photos from the same screen.  Near the lower left hand side of the screed is the face tracking icon.  I’m not quite sure what that is for but when i tap on it something happens.   I’m just not sure what is happening.


I like the app and it does do what is says it does.  However I just wish there was more of a tutorial to explain the best ways to use the controls so that way it was a little less confusing.  I definitely recommend this app and I give it FOUR STARS just because it zooms in and tracks faces like it says it does.


Get it here in the app store today: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/facetrackcam-face-tracking/id1062557592?mt=8


UPDATE: The developers have kindly pointed me to a page that explains how to use their app to make things MUCH EASIER! 

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