New Dooo App Helps Professionals Track Health and Wellness on the Go


myHealthSphere’s flagship corporate platform now available for both iOS and Android devices

Toronto, ON – May 4, 2015 – myHealthSphere, a leading edge corporate wellness firm, today announces the launch of its mobile app for its office health and wellness platform, Dooo. Since the launch of the web version of Dooo in December 2014, myHealthSphere has seen high success rates among users with 83% reporting decreased stress levels and 85% reporting increased energy levels.

As a platform, Dooo is designed to make it easier for professionals to stay connected with their wellness goals throughout the day and make positive changes in their everyday habits. The new app now allows users to take their goals a step further and receive task notifications on their mobile devices, freeing them up to check in on their set health and wellness initiatives at any point and place during the day.

“Whether someone is in the office, traveling for work, or visiting a different job site, our goal has always been to provide the most accessibility to our clients,” said Jane Wang, CEO of myHealthSphere. “There was always a plan to launch an app for Dooo, and we’re excited to be expanding our service to our growing client base.”

Dooo is personalized and allows users to customize their own program to fit their work routine, lifestyle and success goals. They can choose from different categories of health content, and schedule activities to integrate seamlessly with their daily activity flow. Users can check in and complete tasks on the go for a truly incorporated wellness program where users won’t miss health initiatives if they are out of the office.

“Dooo is all about helping professionals get results and change their habits without becoming a huge time constraint or hindrance,” adds Wang. “Productivity and effectiveness are highly important to today’s professionals. What we’ve done with Dooo is directly in line with those goals.”

The Dooo app is now available for both iOS and Android. myHealthSphere plans to further develop the app this summer with new features that will allow users to sync their program with their personal or work calendar on their mobile phones and devices. The executive team also plans to announce additional advancements and company growth this year.

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myHealthSphere believes in 3 things: living well shouldn’t be difficult or stressful, small actions can go a long way, and good health is in the individual’s own hands. Providing users with personalized challenges myHealthSphere has created a way to make choosing a healthier way of life at the office both effortless and rewarding. Working with quality trainers, nutritionists, researchers and doctors myHealthSphere connects you with your vitals on the day to day, making it fun to engage in the Dooo platform regularly. They are THE energy-optimizing tool working to turn office potatoes into corporate heroes.

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