Here’s some Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Digital Devices


Shaun Murphy the CEO of sent me an article he wrote with some tips to keep your digital devices safe from hackers and other “unscrupulous types” this spring.  Without posting someone else’s article word for word I would like to post some quotes from his article because I feel his tips are worth reading.  So here we go…

  1. “Remove connected apps from all devices” – Remove all apps that connect to your Google/Facebook/Twitter/etc…accounts. These apps can read your emails and look at your contacts. Some of them can even post to your accounts on your behalf.  Check these links out to review what these apps are and remove their access:,,
  2. “Turn on location services for your device.”  This allows you to wipe your device should it fall into the wrong hands.  That way you keep your private data PRIVATE!
  3. “Forego fingerprint passwords” – Using a strong pass phrase is still the best way to keep your private data accounts safe.  Recent changes have weakened your rights to privacy when you travel. Know your rights and stay safe.
  4. Take advantage of extra security features of your devices. Newer Samsung phones have secure folders and some online services have two factor authentication.  Take advantage of this whenever possible.
  5. “Wipe out History and passwords” – Clear all browser history and delete cookies. This removes saved passwords from your devices. Clearing personal information from web browsers on a regular basis protects your data if you happen to access an insecure website.
  6. “Remove any apps you’re not using” – Bottom line is if you aren’t using the app there is no reason to hold on to it. Even if you think you might use it in the future you can always go out to the app store or google play store and get it again. No need to expose your data to any app you aren’t using.

There were more tips and you can head over to to check them out.  I think I’ll end this post here so you guys can go take action on some the tips listed above. Best of luck and stay safe!!  Peace!

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