Four Great Fishing iPhone Apps And One Cool New One


These 5 fishing apps take some of the guess work out of fishing

With Memorial Day over and summer on the way I have started to see more people out fishing the nearby lakes and ponds near my home.  So because of that I decided to look for some great fishing apps that those people as well as other fisherman, who use iPhones, might like to have with them the next time they go fishing.

Best Fishing Times

best fishing apps

The Best Fishing Times app is designed to help fisherman know when the best fishing times are based on the “solunar period” theory.  This is the time of day when fish are most active based on the moon, the date, and geographical location. To understand the Solunar theory more you can check out the wikipedia page which has more details about it.​  When the app first loads it asks you to verify your location because it says the results are adjusted based on your current timezone.  Users can also change the setting in the iPhone settings if they mess it up by mistake.  After getting that setup, the app will display a wealth of information such as the best feeding periods, moon rise, moon set, sun rise, and sunset.  Users can check the best feeding times for the current day as well as other days of the week.  There is also a fishing album where fisherman can snap a photo of their catch and save it to the album to show the world.  There’s also a weather section so fisherman know what kind of clothes to bring and if they need rain or cold weather gear.  Got a boat with a sail? This app also tells fisherman what the wind speeds are going to be like out on the water.   Users can also save GPS locations for future reference.  No more searching for hot fishing spots if you have this app!

Deep Sea Angler

best fishing iphone apps

People who fish the ocean instead of the lakes also can benefit from a great fishing app as well.  The Deep Sea Angler fishing app lets users plug in five different conditions and based on those choices it will give fisherman the best live bait, best lure, best lure colors, best line strength, best location, best casting, and the fish they should be targeting.   Yes it gives you all that and if you have a hard time understanding the tips it also gives fisherman a library of fish to look at so they know what the fish they are trying to catch looks like.  It also gives them a library of fishing equipment to look at, such as lures and rods, so they know what they look like and also what the best time to use them is.  On top of that there is a log section where fisherman can record the fish they caught, the date and time they caught it, and the weather at the time they caught it, where it was caught, the bait they used, and the size of the fish.  This is great because with all that data saved users can refer back to it the next time they go fishing.  Not to mention that fact that it’s nice to see all those fish you caught in one big list hehe! So if you’re going fishing on the open seas you might want to “hook” yourself this app! Sorry I couldn’t resist at least one fishing pun.  ​

Flick Fishing

best fishing iphone apps

What better way to pass the time between catches than playing a little Flick Fishing.  This iPhone game will keep anglers entertained for hours.  Flick Fishing takes advantage of the iPhones accelerometer by giving gamers the ability to cast just like they would if they were actually fishing. Just a flick of the wrist and the line is cast.  It’s all in the wrist just like regular casting.  Once users have cast their line it’s a fun filled race to the big game fish.  Users catch fish, earn doubloons and throw them in the water to draw in the bigger fish.  Users can also complete quests and challenges.  There is also a photo album to keep track of all your catches.  This classic iPhone game is fun and might even be good practice so definitely check it out. 

Fishing Spots

best fishing iphone apps

Fishing Spots by WeatherSphere is kind of like that secret weapon that isn’t actually a secret anymore.  There are thousands of people using this app and if you aren’t of them, then as a fisherman you really need to be!  Back in the day you had to know somebody to learn about all the good fishing holes, but with this app there are thousands of users sharing all their greatest fishing spots for free! When you first log in you sign up for free and it tells you about the fishing spots close to your GPS location.  Users can select a spot from the list and find the location, get directions, and pin spot it on a map.  Fisherman can also see the best fishing times, a tide chart and the current weather.  There is also a “more” section that has discussions, nearby fishing businesses, tide charts, pictures of other fish, fishing knots, fishing classifieds, and even more. It’s truly a massive treasure chest of great fishing advice!   

Big Fish Finder

best fishing iphone apps

Ok so all of the other fishing apps I have mentioned have been around awhile and are well established apps that many others have reviewed.  The next app I’m about to review is relatively new and not as well known.  I’m assuming this because all the other apps have multiple app store reviews and this app has NONE!  This is usually a big indicator that an app is new.   Fishing used to be all about you versus the fish and you were on your own as far as places to fish. Oh sure you might have known a guy, who knew a guy, who had the scoop on some great fishing holes to hit, but otherwise it was hit and miss.  Cast, try your luck, wait it out, and repeat.  If you caught fish great but most times you didn’t catch any because you weren’t in the right place.  That can become a thing of the past with Big Fish Finder.  This app features a function called “Find some fish” and it’s setup so anyone using this app can share there good fishing spots with all the other users of the app.  So if you’re going fishing, you no longer have to take a guess as to what spots are hot, you will know what spots are hot! There is also a “Weather” feature to give you up to the minute weather reports, and a Trophy Room.  The last feature is the “Videos” section that shows you some of the latest fishing videos where you can learn tip, tactics, and techniques.  My overall opinion of this last app is that it’s good but it’s not perfect coding wise.  I ran into a few glitches loading pages when i first downloaded the app.  This could be attributed to network issues at my home but I’m not sure.  I also had to reload the app once to get it to work properly.  But after those minor issues everything worked fine.  I think this app has great potential and should be part of your iPhone fishing app tackle box! LOL. 

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