Five Crazy iPhone Cases of 2014


These unique cases will rock your world

selfy iphone case

The Selfy Case – The iLuv Selfy case is an iPhone case that not only protects your phone, it also comes with a remote control bluetooth shutter that allows users to take a picture without actually holding on to the phone. This means that if they can put their phone on a tripod or a stand of some sort they can get just the right selfy to post to their favorite social network.

yellow jacket stun gun case

​The Yellow Jacket Case – This case will not only protect your phone, it will also protect you as well. This case can act as a stun gun to ward off evil villains that want to steal your phone, purse or wallet. We’re talking 650,000 volts of power here people. Enough to stun any attacker and walk away unscathed. Of course if you accidentally shock yourself I’m sure you won’t do that too many times after it happens once. LOL

prong plug iphone case

​The Prong Pocket Plug – Tired of having to deal with a charger and charger cables? Want something a little easier to deal with? Try out this case. It not only cradles your iPhone in safety but it acts as a plug-in charger as well. Simple pull up the prong’s charging connectors and plug that baby in.

marmoter knuckle iphone case

Marmoter Machine Cut Knuckle Case – When a guy (or gal) carries a phone around the problem they have is where do they put their brass knuckles? Carrying around both devices can become cumbersome and extremely taxing. The fine folks at Generic have come up with a way they can have their iPhone and their brass knuckles too! Meet the Knuckle Case! It’s a phone protector, its a weapon, and its a fashion statement! Comes in colors like black, gold, pink, brass, and shiny silver!

gizmon iphone camera case

GizMon ICA5 Camera iPhone Case – Here’s a case that turns your iPhone into an old school 35mm camera. Ok not really it just makes it look like an old camera. I’m not sure why unless you are trying to hide it or something. But it does have a cool tri-pod hole so you could mount it to a tripod. Film sold separately.

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