End of Year Sale! 15% off total order!


15 percent off app reviewsEnd of the Year Sale til 12-31-2013

For the first time ever we are offering 15% off of your entire order.  To take the 15% off your total order enter the coupon code: ENDYEAR15 in the coupon box in the shopping cart!  This coupon is not just good for one item or one order.  It’s good for all the items in your shopping cart.  It takes 15% off the total order.  You can also use this coupon for as many orders as you would like from now until the end of the year.  If you’ve been waiting for prices to go down to purchase a review NOW IS THE TIME! More than likely prices will go UP not down!  This is a limited time offer and once it’s gone it’s gone!  So don’t wait!  It may NOT happen again until next year!  It may not happen again at all!

That coupon code again is : ENDYEAR15


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