Changes coming to the site…


Website Theme, Review Changes, and User Reviews!

After some time having the site look the same way I have decided it’s time for a refresh. I’m not sure what or when it will go live but over the next few weeks I will be implementing some changes to the look of the site.  I have also changed the day reviews are going to be done.  I have added some functionality to allow me to break down reviews into categories and those will be reflected for all reviews from this point forward.  Since there is over 350 reviews on this site I highly doubt I’ll go back and update each review post with the new rating system but all news reviews will have it from this point on.  Also with the new reviews comes something new….


Yes that’s right from this point forward anyone who comes to the site will be able to give the apps a 1 to 5 star reviews as well.  So if there’s an app you like or you don’t like feel free to rate it yourself for others to see!  I’m hoping that users will take advantage of the new review system and we will start to see more user interaction.

Stay tuned for more changes coming in the future!

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