The Notable Warrior – Arjuna iPad App Review



One of the greatest things about doing business online is that people from all over the world will come to your site if you build it up and run it long enough.   Also since the iPad is a device that is popular in countries world wide there are apps that are popular in other countries too! Because of this, sometimes I get asked to review apps that I know nothing about.  In this case the Arjuna iPad app is once such app that I don’t know much about.  So rather than discus the story being portrayed by this app or its accuracy I am just going to talk about the app functionality and appearance instead.   Arjuna is an interactive story app that also allows people to hear audio clips and also scroll to learn more about each page.  The basic pattern for each page is this.  First users see a picture depiction of what they are talking about and then they can scroll the screen up to read more about the picture.  There is also a little sound icon in each picture page that plays a sound clip or some music based on the picture on the page.  The app works as depicted in iTunes and the illustrations on each page are done artfully and colorfully.  Each page is nice to look at and extremely functional.  That’s pretty much it for this app.  Not many moving parts and a very simple and easy to use interface.  I highly recommend  this app for anyone interested in the Bhagavad Gita.

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