Blo-Ball Soccer for Mac App Review


Blo-Ball Soccer App is a Soccer fans kind of Game

Today I was asked to review an app for the mac called Blo-Ball.  The Blo-Ball soccer app  is a desktop soccer game that users can play alone or with someone else over a wifi network.  This game is simple fun and graphically not too shabby either! Let’s Discuss…


Blo-Ball ran flawlessly each time I played it.  There wasn’t any crashes or screen glitches any of the times I played it.  Game screens worked as expected and game sounds were appropriate for the type of game it is.  This game was played on my 2010 Macbook Pro 13″ and it ran fine and looked good too.

Appearance and Playability

Blo-Ball looks pretty nice on the macbook screen.  It ran fast and graphically was not overpowering for my macbook pro.  When it comes to the graphics of the game, they are nice without going over the top!  The playing field looks pretty realistic like a soccer field, The ball itself looks like an actual soccer ball.  The players are striped balls with numbers on them.  When you drag your mouse towards the ball an arrow comes out to show you which way you are going to kick the ball.  The game play screen has a smaller screen above it to allow the user to move quickly on the main screen by clicking on a spot on the smaller screen.  Each quarter of the game lasts 2 minutes.  Fouls are only called if users have two players blocking the entrance door.  Users called for a foul get sent to the sin bin on either side of the goal.

Players can play games against the computer by themselves or they can play over a network against another player one on one.  The game has two play modes.  The default mode is live play where players try to quickly score a goal and the other player is defending at the same time.  The other mode is turn based.  In turn based mode each player takes a turn.   Each turn allows one move and then it’s the next players turn.  Players can color their player jerseys by choosing a patter and colors scheme for their game players.

The game follows most of the rules of soccer as far as game play goes.  So the soccer fans should have no trouble understanding how to play the game.  The controls are easy to grasp, the graphics of the app are good, and if you like soccer then you will like this app.

Some Screen Shots From Blo-Ball Soccer App

Blo-Ball Soccer Game
Blo-Ball Soccer Game Menu
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