RecruitU High School Athlete Recruiting iPhone App



One of the great things about smartphones is how much they quickly help people find information they wouldn’t otherwise know about.  Not to mention how easy it is to get this information too.  It’s just a matter of load up an app that does something and poof you have the info you need.  One such app as this is the app RecruitU.  This app is an app dedicated to helping students who are athletes, and their parents, find the best school to match their athletic skill set. It’s easy to use and looks good too!

The interface is pretty slick looking and easy to use too.  When the screen loads users have a series of choices to make to filter their search down.  First users choose a sport.  Choices are baseball, basketball, cross country, diving, football, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, track & field, and wrestling.  Then they pick their ability level ranging from NCAA High D1 to NCAA Low D3.  After that they give some extra information such as GPA, Home State, College Location, Tuition Level preferred, Number of students enrolled, and whether the schools are in the city, suburb, town, or rural.  Once all the choices are made they hit search and look at their results.   Once they find a school they can see all the information about that school and a way to email the coaching staff at the school of their choice. ​

​Overall I think this app is very well done and looks great! I think it will be extremely helpful to student athletes looking to make the move to the college of their choice.  In that it would be an extremely useful app for them to use.

recruitu search screen
recruitu results screen
recruitu contact screen
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