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title screenFind Great Coffee with the New York Coffee Guide

The New York Coffee Guide iPhone App by the developers at is an excellent resource for caffeine junkies jonesing while in New York.  If you live there or you are visiting this guide is a fantastic resource for those in search of a great cup of coffee.  Lets Discuss…

App Functionality

New York Coffee Guide performed flawlessly when ever I used it.  There were no bugs, glitches, or defects of a functional nature of at all.  The screens flowed as expected, menus worked as expected, as did the search functionality and the map system.  Functionality wise this app was perfect and very well tested.


The app opens up with a title screen that is blue greenish in color.  Text is very clean and appropriately sized.  After it loads the users is greeted with a map of New York city.  On the map are pins that represent each of the coffee shops listed inside the application.  There are what looks to be over one hundred coffee shops possibly more.  The map covers what looks like Manhatten Island as well as some parts of Brooklyn and the south Bronx area.  I’m map screen for ny coffee guidenot from New York I’m from Chicago so don’t hold me to my description of the map.  I could be a little off ha ha.  At the top and bottom of the screen are tool bars.  The top toolbar contains search, data sync, and a button to add a review for a particular shop.   The bottom toolbar contains a heart button which is your favorites list, a map toggle button which switches between the map and a list of shops, and an info button which gives the user information about the app as well as links to feedback, ratings, Twitter, and Facebook.   The list of coffee shops in nice with each list items containing a name, addres, rating level, if they are still open based on hours given as well as a photo.


The New York Coffee Guide is very useful for people in and around New York or for those travelling to New York.  It would be very easy to plan out where you are going to go for your coffee fix within the city based on this guide.  It would also be very easy to plan a coffee tour or something where you could go visit a bunch of the items listed within this app and try out the various coffee shops New York has to offer.  If you are not in the city this app is only useful if you are planning on a trip to New York.  Other than that it’s pretty much useless to you.  That being said though I really can’t fault the app for the fact that it’s only useful in New York.  After all it says right on the title screen this is the NEW YORK COFFEE GUIDE.  If that doesn’t clue users in to what it’s to be used for then I’m not sure what will.  So anyone silly enough to download this who isn’t going to be in New York then I blame them not the app.


I’ve said if before and I’ll say it again.  There’s nothing that beats a free app when it comes to pricing.  Free is free and everybody loves getting something for nothing.  It’s even better when you get a great app that is visually appealing and useful for nothing.

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