Govberg OnTime A Watch Collector’s Secret Weapon


Watch Collectors Look No Further

Govberg Jewelers has been selling watches for longer than most people reading this review have been alive.  Over 100 years of watch selling expertise to be exact.  The cool thing is just because they are an old company doesn’t mean they are behind the times when it comes to marketing.  In fact they saw the smart phone as an opportunity to sell more watches.  Wait how is that possible? Isn’t the smart phone supposed to replace the watch? Isn’t Apple and Android putting out their own watches? How can this be?  Simple really they just picked a niche and made an app to fit that niche.  The Govberg OnTime app is designed with watch collectors in mind. It is really a great resource for anyone who loves collecting time pieces.  So read on friends and I’ll tell you all about it!


All the Watch News You Can Stand

The user interface starts out with the news screen.  At the top are categories such as my feed, all news, brands, categories, and sources.  When you run this app for the first time it asks you to choose a few things like what kinds of watch types you like and brands you like as well.  Then the My Feed section shows you watch news related to those choices. The All News is sell explanatory, it is all the news currently available on their systems. The Brands section are news stories sorted by brand, categories are sorted by categories like Auction, Aviation, Classic, Events, etc…and lastly source are news stories sorted by the sources that provided them. It’s a ton of news on watches let me tell you.

At the bottom of the news page is an icon menu that has such items like a magnifying glass for searches, a shopping bag for shopping for watches, a money bubble for selling watches you own, and a watch icon to represent the “watch box”.  It’s a place where you can record all the watches in your collection so you can show them off to perspective observers or better yet BUYERS! There’s also a setting icon to go into settings like most apps usually have.

On the search screen is something very cool that I think could be very useful to most people looking to buy and sell watches.  After you search for a watch you tap on it’s photo.  This brings up a “Secondary Market Analysis” page.  This page shows users the private party value of the watch they tapped on, data strength to see how reliable it is, and recent market sales of a watch just like it. Sort of like comps for real estate. It mentions the bran and reference number.  It also shows related articles about said watch as well as related listings of watches like it.  On the shopping page users can tap on watches that interest them.  This takes them to a screen that talks about all the features of the watch they are looking at.  It also gives you a way to contact the seller and watch experts about the watch itself.  Product details are also available on this screen such as condition, dial color, material, and more.

Overall Rating

On this site some of you might notice that I give a lot of 4 and 5 star ratings.  Some might say I’m too easy on app developers because of this fact. But honestly I give the rating I think it deserves and I also don’t rate apps based on whether or not I can like them or not. I rate them based on functionality, appearance, and whether or not the target audience would like it or not.  If I am part of the target audience then I rate it based on whether or not I like it.  In this case I think the target audience is watch collectors who have enough money to afford collecting such expensive watches.  I also think any one who likes watches would like this app as well.  I am not really in their target audience but I definitely think their audience would LOVE an app like this. It has a ton of information about watches and it helps them buy and sell them. As for the app itself it’s well designed, very simple to use, and looks amazing! So based on all those factors I give them a Five Stars All Day! How could I not? I can’t find a flaw!

Screenshot Gallery

The Govberg OnTime watch is available in the Apple App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store!

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