iPhone Shortcuts You May Not Know About


New Tips for New Owners

This article is written for people who are new iPhone owners.  There are quite a few tricks you can use to make your experience with your new iPhone even better.  Here are  list of them to help you out:


press iphone home button onceSingle tap the home button when not in app to take you back to the first page

If you’re like me you have tons of apps on your phone.  That means that after a while you probably have multiple pages of apps.  I have 9 pages LOL!  Well if you’re like me you get annoyed flipping from whatever page you’re on back to the first page to load up your camera, type a text message, or whatever.  This little trick is simple.  Just tap the home button and poof!  Just like magic you’re back on the first page. Nice!


press iphone button twiceDouble tap the home button to open up the apps tray.

The iPhone handles multitasking in it’s own special way.  When close an app after running it the app’s not exactly closed.  It’s just minimized in the background to your app tray.   What a lot of people don’t know is that you can open up the app tray and switch between apps.   So for example lets say your playing angry birds and you need to check your stocks or look up a movie in Flixster.   You close out of Angry Birds and open up Flixster.  Once you’re done with Flixster, simply double tap the home button and your apps tray will open.  You should see angry birds there and be able to tap it and go right back to where you were in the game.   This could change based on how long it was between apps but if it’s not that long it should be very similar to the alt-tab on a windows pc.

Tap the top window status bar to scroll from anywhere back to top quickly

This one is a nice time saver.    Go into any app that has a scrolling interface.  Scroll down to some place near the bottom. Now rather than scrolling all the way back up just tap the status bar at the top of the screen.  Boom your now at the top of the page.   Saves time when looking up contacts I’ll tell you that much.

screen shot secretPress Home+Sleep to Grab a Screenshot.

Ever see the screenshots on my site and wonder how they got there?  That’s how!  Simple press and hold home and then press the sleep button and you should hear the camera shutter sound.  The screen that was last on the screen is now in your camera role.  Pretty convenient!  Give it a Try!

Double tap shift on keyboard to turn on caps lock

This is one that I didn’t even know existed for almost 2 years!! Duhhh!  I always wanted to have caps lock for things like passwords with multiple capital letters but didn’t know about it so i has to hit shift, then a letter, then shift, then a letter, ugh…Then one day i complained about it to one of my other iPhone using friends and he laughed.  He said try double tapping the shift button.   It turned blue and my face turned RED!!!  All this time!! So awsesome!!

iphone keyboard shiftlock off      iphone shiftlock on


Group apps together to save screen space.

In the early iOS days you only had so many slots to fill with apps on your iPhone.  I recall reaching the limit at one point. Then in the last couple years they programmed in application grouping and now you can put so many more apps on your  iPhone as long as you have the space.  To group apps together press and and hold your finger down on one of your icons to enter wiggle/delete mode.  (Apps are all wiggling).   Now press and hold down on one app and drag it down over another.  A group window should open up and they will be grouped together.   You can then name the group whatever you want and click home when done to exit wiggle mode.  I use this to group apps i like apart from apps my kids like and also to save my self the page flipping if possible.

groups of apps on an iphone page   a group of iphone apps waiting for review

Add a site you may visit often to your home page.

So you’re really digging this new blog you found online so much you go to it all the time.  Or maybe there’s some site you use on your phone for work or for your business that’s one you visit all the time.  To save your self the time of having to type in the web address or look it up in your bookmarks just create a shortcut on your desktop for it.  At the bottom of Safari is a plus site.  Tap the arrow icon in the bottom navigation bar and it will open up a screen.  One of the options is Add to Home Screen.  Once you tap that you now have what looks like a new icon on your home screen.  Tap it and it will open up safari and take you back to the page you were on.  Pretty cool eh?
Add app to home screen

Save an image in safari or an email to your camera roll

If you like an image on a webpage or in an email just tap and hold down on it.  Eventually you will get a window that opens up asking you if you want to copy the image to the clipboard or save it to your camera roll.  Done!

Turn your phone sideways for a wider screen and keyboard.

This one seems fairly obvious but what the heck.  If you didn’t know you can turn your phone sideways and most apps with rotate with it.  This is helpful for typing as well as seeing some webpages.  The font increases in size a bit and it makes it easier to see.  Also if you turn the phone sideways when you have the calculator open it opens up into a more scientific style calculator.  It’s real live apple magic LOL.

turn iphone sidewaysturn iphone sideways

Hopefully these tips have helped you in some way. Some of these I found online by reading something like this and some I didn’t know about until somebody told me and I felt stupid because after they told me they laughed. They laughed thinking I can’t believe you didn’t know that. So I hope by reading this you can avoid that embarrassment and possibly you can pass this along and help someone else.

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