White Noise Free: Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation is Amazing


Takes a Wave Machine to a Whole New Level

White Noise Free: Sounds for Sleep and Relaxation is a noise making app designed to help people relax and get some sleep.  But in my opinion it is so much more than that.  It’s your own sound creation machine in the palm of your hand.  I have used this app for a while now and I was truly glad when they asked me to do a review.  It’s really an amazing iOS app!  First there’s a wide variety of sounds that comes with the app. The list is way too long to name them all.  Here are just a few that I like: Amazon Jungle, Blowing Wind, Thunder Storm, Clothes Dryer, Boat Swaying in Water, and Oscillating Fan.  These are just a smattering of the long list of sounds available.  But it’s more than that.  Let’s talk about the interface!

User Interface and Usefulness

The interface of this app is beautiful.  Each sound comes with it’s own image representation.  Users can play the sound adjust the volume and pause the sound from the home screen.  At the top of the page is a menu icon and a share button.  The share button allows users to share sounds with anyone.  A great way to help spread the word about your the app as well.  The Menu Icon pulls up an extensive application menu that has the following items:

  • Sounds – Users can go to a list of sounds contained in the app at that time.
  • Mixes – Mixtures of several sounds put together. Really unique in apps like this that I’ve seen.
  • Favorites – Users can favorite sounds so that way they are easier to find.
  • Playlist – Want to play a bunch of sounds over a period of time. Check this out!
  • Create Sound – Yes you can create your own sound.  Like “Belching App Reviewer”.  He’s VERY mature!
  • Download sounds – Users can download sounds from the White Noise Market.  From what I can see they are free too!
  • Manage Sounds – Manage the sounds installed in your app
  • Timers & Alarms – Yep it’s an alarm clock and a timer too
  • Sleep Clock
  • Upgrade the app to the 99 cent pro version.
  • Postcard – Not sure what to make of this one
  • Settings – Control things like volume, balance, pitch, etc…

So as you can see the menu is definitely extensive!  It really is a great user interface with lots of options and fun stuff to listen to!  But we aren’t done yet.  Now there’s the bottom of the screen.  At the bottom is an icon menu with a “+” plus symbol that is for adding new sounds.  A down arrow that takes users to the White Noise Market app to download sounds.  Then theres manage sounds icon that takes users to the screen to manage sounds.  A clock icon that shows the alarm clock screen.  Lastly there’s a crescent moon icon that takes users to a very simple white and black digital clock screen. Each of these items takes users to a place in the app that they can also get to from the menu.  But these make it very convenient and it’s really cool to be able to add your own sounds to the app. Like this guy added a sound called “The Belching Reviewer” and it really sounded great! So realistic!! Hehehe!

Overall Rating

As far as sound machine apps go this app is 5 stars all day long and twice on Sunday!  It does what is says it does, it’s beautiful, multi-functional, and it is FREE! How much more do you people want? If you are looking for a sound machine app to help you sleep and just to get a little relaxation in your life! GET THIS APP!


White Noise Free: sounds for sleep and relaxation is available in the app store today!

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