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I’ve never experienced clinical depression but there are millions of people in the world who have. I read online that tracking the way you feel on a daily basis is one of the ways people can cope with Depression and get through the rough times. So if that’s true then the Wellness Trends app should be a convenient way to handle such activities. So let’s take a look at the good and the bad and hopefully users can make an educated decision on if this is an app they may find helpful.

The Good

The user interface is clean and easy to navigate.  Along the bottom there is a menu containing Meds, Action, Wellbeing, Reports, and More.  The meds screen has a top and a bottom section.  At the top are meds taken today and My Meds.  This gives a list of meds and meds taken for the day.  The bottom of the screen shows all the meds for the day. The Action screen shows a motivational saying at the top and then a list of actions taken for the day at the bottom. The Wellbeing screen shows the last 7 days wellbeing checks at the top and buttons to change mood and add symptoms at the bottom.  The reports screen has 4 reports listed on it…wellness timeline, wellness ratings, my meds, and my symptoms. The more screen shows a bunch of other things you can do including learn more, answer questionnaire, read the user guide and more.  Overall the interface is really quite good!

The app’s intentions are to help people with depression on a daily basis.  I definitely think that meds tracking, giving suggestions for good actions to take, well being checks, and daily health reports could be helpful.  I’m not medical professional so I can only give my opinion.  I do think the app works and does what the developers intended it to do so in that sense I am a fan.

The Bad

There isn’t any real flaws in this app. However I do think that it’s missing something and that’s VIDEO! Why no videos? Couldn’t there be someone who has created helpful videos for those suffering depression? What about a connection to Amazon for books people can buy?  I just think that there’s some lacking features that could give an added level of helpfulness that are missing.  Again this is my opinion and maybe there’s a specific medical reason they developers left those features out?  But if not it would be cool to see more stuff like that.

Overall Rating

Overall I give this app  

It’s a good app but it’s not great! But for anyone looking for a way to track their depression I definitely think they should check this app out in the iTunes app store today! Oh and did I mention that it’s a FREE APP! You can’t go wrong with free!

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