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Stress Compass Figures out your Stress Level

Human beings get stressed out over lots of things in their lives. Jobs, Health, Kids, and Danger are just a few of the reasons. Each time that stress happens, human beings try to move away from the stress or towards a way to eliminate that stress. Enter the Kenkou Stress Compass App! Kenkou is a company in Berlin, Germany that has a mission of finding tools to detect stress, manage it, and find relief from stress.   They feel it’s good to know how much stress you are incurring so you can avoid getting burned out and protect yourself from other heart related health issues.

How it looks and feels?

The Kenkou Stress Compass app, like other apps I have used that determine heart rate, takes advantage of the iPhone’s camera to determine heart rate.  Users put their finger on the camera lens and the app uses that and the flash to figure out heart rate. Don’t ask me how that works I have know idea but it does seem to work. Accuracy is probably pretty good but I’m sure an actual pulse monitor would be more accurate.  But that’s not the point of this app.  The point is to figure out your stress level.  It seems  to use your breathing, your pulse, and your current mood to determine your current stress level.

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Overall Conclusion

When I used the stress company it said my pulse was high and my stress level was “exhausted”.  Considering it was 9 AM and I had pretty decent night’s sleep I’m thinking that might not be completely accurate.  That being said the Kenkou app looks great and has clean, well designed screens that are easy to use. It is easy to understand and simple to try out. I highly recommend anyone feeling stressed or anyone into health monitoring check it out and see what they think.  Kenkou has also created two other apps called “Kenkou Stress Guide” and “Kenkou Breathe”.  If you like this app you might want to grab those apps as well.

Overall Rating:

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