10 Awesome iPhone Apps for Engineers


iphone apps for engineers

For people who specialize in different spheres of engineering, the iPhone is not just a cool Apple gadget. With the proper upgrades, the famous Apple smartphone can serve as a work tool. In this sense, engineers got luckier than other professionals who use iPhones since the developers pay a lot of attention to designing applications specifically for engineers. Since there are a lot of tools that have already been invented and offered in the App Store, it is a good time to review the best of the best apps that gained popularity for being the most convenient iPhone tools for engineers.


FastFigures iPhone App FastFigrues iPhone App FastFigures iPhone App

Price: $2.99

This is a very sophisticated tool for all people who are involved in the finance and real estate business except for engineering, of course. In addition to the convenient UI, the user has access to a number of premade calculator templates that he can change according to his current tasks by adding or eliminating available features.


orfice engineer app

Price $3.99

This is another convenient application for those who are looking for simple and easy-to-navigate tools with pre-ready calculators. Orifice contains 3 calculators that allow an engineer to calculate specific physical quantities such as the orifice size, delta P, and even volumetric flow. Such options are only available in a few other, more expensive iPhone calculators for engineers.

Engineer’s Calculator

engineer's iphone apps iphone apps for engineers

Price $1.99

If your budget is limited and you just need a good basic calculator with a handy interface, an adequate number of diverse engineering notations, and widespread mathematic functions, you won’t find a better tool in the App Store than Engineer’s Calculator. Another advantage of this app is that it has no limits for displaying all notations when performing long calculations.


element 14 everywhere iphone app iphone apps for engineers

Price: free

This small app was designed especially for communicative purposes. Offered for free, Element14 Everywhere gives you a chance to become a member of a huge worldwide message board where engineers have signed up for the famous online project. On element14.com, you can take part in discussions with a global community of electronics design engineers. You can also connect your Twitter feed with this mobile app.

Electronic Toolbox

engineer toolbox app electronic toolbox iphone app

Price: $5.99

Without a doubt, Electronic Toolbox will serve as a good reference database for those users who need information and conversion features combined into one convenient service. On the app, you can browse a huge built-in database of important electrical references and save the required ones through the app’s menu.



Price: free

If you need to create, view, edit, and share your DWG projects, this free iPhone tool is the best mobile version of the AutoCAD software. Currently available only as a desktop program, this application is one of the most downloaded free tools among engineers who work with DWG drawings right now.

Engineering Professional

engineering professional iphone app

Price: $11.99

Over 600 mathematical formulas covering specific scientific branches such as civil engineering, mechanics, chemical engineering, and hydrology were gathered into one sophisticated mobile program. This is definitely a must-have app for all professional engineers who need a full reference database of all existing formulas in the field.

RC Beam and RC Design

engineer iphone app engineer iphone app

Price: $4.99 each

Two similar apps designed by the same developer are available in the App Store at a cost of almost $5 each. If you work in construction, you will definitely take advantage of RC Beam, which helps you design reinforced beams. Conversely, those specialists who work with reinforced concrete members will enjoy the capabilities of the RC Design app. However, it is better to buy both apps at once to get all of the benefits.

EE Basics

ee basics iphone apps for engineers

Price $1.99

EE Basics contains a great reference database designed especially for engineers. The database includes a perfect selection of articles with the basic Electrical Engineering laws and tables so that all people who are involved in this sphere will find a lot of useful information while using this iPhone program.


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