WSOP Real Money Poker Nevada iPad App Review


Play for fun or for Real!

First let me start this review by saying that I do not suggest anyone gamble for real money. I also would like to say that any testing I did on this app was strictly using play money and nothing else. That being said if you gamble with real money you do so at your own and risk and I nor the app developers should be held responsible.  Players who play WSOP real money poker Nevada should be aware that playing for real money outside of Nevada is illegal and playing is at their own risk.

Okay now that we have the formalities out of the way lets talk about the app. First this is an iPad only app. That means you cannot play it on an iPod or iPhone.  iPad only means iPAD ONLY!  So I fired up my iPad mini and played some WSOP for a few hands.  When the app first loads players are asked to create an account and after that log in.  After logging in a warning is shown telling you it’s illegal to gamble outside of Nevada.  A little ominous and somewhat off putting but I’m assuming it’s a necessary legal disclaimer.  After the warning is closed players are shown a main game page that offers them the opportunity to play for real money or play money.  I suggest play money since it’s easier on the wallet but that’s just me.  After that, players must choose between “Cash Games”, “Sit & Go Tournaments”, or “Scheduled Tournaments”.

Types of Games

Cash Games are games players can choose to play based on certain limits and restrictions pre setup before the game starts. After picking a game, players are asked to buy in with a certain number of dollars. Buying in gives players a certain amount of chips to play with.  Once you buy in you are “seated” at a poker style table on the screen along with other players. This style of play is similar to the kind of play you would have if you casually wanted to play in a casino and not in a tournament. You just walked up to a table, sat down, and play.

Sit & Go Tournaments are tournaments that let players feel like they are at the last table of the World Series of Poker without having to go through an entire tournament to get there.  Basically players register to be among a certain number of players at a table and they play from that point.  The winner at that one table is the winner of the tournament.  Sit and Go’s are much shorter and give players more opportunity to win more chips.

Scheduled Tournaments are tournaments that are setup in advance that players can join.  Each of them have their own set restrictions, rules, and buy-in amount.

Other Cool Features

In the upper right hand corner of the screen is a menu that gives players options to go see their account, learn how to play texas hold’em, learn the house rules, see their game history, and see the limits and the rake amounts.  Limits and rake amounts are only for real money poker accounts. Players who play with play money don’t need to worry about fees since it’s only play money.

Settings and configuration screen lets players toggle sounds, game effects, vibrate features, chat bubbles, auto muck hand, and the deck style.  Don’t like white cards play with the colorful ones.


Overall Rating

I think WSOP real money poker Nevada is a nice Texas Hold’em poker app and I like the fact that people can play for fake money.  I’m sure those players in Nevada can appreciate the real money part of this app but since i’m in Chicago that was not something for me at this time.  I give this app 4 stars for it’s looks and the play money factor.  I took away one star because there were times when I tried to find a game and couldn’t find one for some reason. Not sure if the servers were down or it was my network but it happened more than I would have liked.

Overal Rating:

WSOP real money poker Nevada is available in the app store. Check it out today! 

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