Stealth Checkers Combines Chess with Checkers


stealth checkersCheckers with the Strategy of Chess

Ed Bond took a simple kids game like checkers and proceeded to rewrite the rules of it by stealing a bunch of strategy from a complex game like chess.  Put those two games together and what you end up with is Stealth Checkers.  First of all I have to admit that I don’t know much about the game of Chess.  It was one of those things that a friend taught me years ago that I tried to play once or twice and I gave it up.  To me it was overly complex and I tend to like my relaxation a little less complicated.  That being said I know that pieces on a chess board have names like King, Knight, Queen, Pawn, etc…so I know a huge chess influence in this game when i see it.   Chess is all over this game!


This app performed exactly as I would expect.  It was bug free and I did not experience any crashes after I downloaded it and played it.  Even the first play ran as smoothly as the last.  The game has easy to read screens, the users have a choice of black or white checkers.  There is a menu button that basically leads to the title screen.  It really should be named exit game or something because it doesn’t really take the user to a menu as much as it just ends the game they were playing.  There is a very legible help screen complete with pictures.  This is good because if chess rules make users heads spin like they do mine they will need them. 4.5 stars

stealth checkers directionsAppearance

Stealth Checkers looks as one would expect.  There is a checker board, black and white checkers that sometimes have chess piece emblems on them.  It’s a clean, easy to use interface.  There is really only three screens.  The title screen or “Menu”, the game play screen where the checker board is, and the help screen.  The help screen has several more pages to it but for the most part they are designed the same.  It’s not something that’s going to amaze anyone styling-wise but it it functional and gets the job done for this game.  I think the game developers could do more to make this game look better but for an initial attempt it’s definitely more than adequate.  3 stars

Playable / Useful

stealth checkersI titled this rating category playable / useful  because some apps are really playable and less useful.  Some apps useful but they are fun to play.  So the category playable / useful was born.   This app falls more into the playable category.  It is definitely playable and I dare say that adding the more complex chess style rules to checkers makes checkers more a  game than it ever was.  In fact surprise surprise it’s more like CHESS!   That being said I have to say that somebody who gets easily frustrated by Chess and it’s many rules, moves, and maneuvers should try this game on a friends iPhone before buying it.  If you enjoy it there then go for it.  If you look at all the rules and think “I DON’T GET IT?” Then you may want to look elsewhere for your iPhone game entertainment.  However if you are way into chess but sometimes want to play some checkers then go for it.  Bottom line is it’s only 99 cents so even if you don’t understand the concepts at first it won’t cost you much to try to figure them out.  4 stars


Stealth Checkers is priced right for a game of this complexity.  At 99 cents it’s priced low enough that anyone can get it and it allows the developers to avoid having to use tactics like in game advertising or “freemium” app models.  I feel this app might benefit from a “try us for free” sale for a couple weeks but other than that I think it’s right on the money when it comes to pricing.  5 stars

Overall Conclusion

Try it if you’re looking for a challenge!  Stay away if you want something mindless because this is not it!

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