Save the Plop Universe with Planet Plop


An iPhone Game that will have you spinning in circles

Planet Plop is a very cool game that I think will have a strong following just because of it’s uniqueness and it’s simplicity.  Planet Plop has users saving the “plop universe’ one level at a time.  To do this users must regrow the planets in the universe by catching the proper colored drops for each section of the planet.  Drops match the color they are designed for.


The visuals of this game are pretty cool and extremely colorful.  The screens are clean and easy to view and all the fonts match nicely with the theme of each screen.  Once past the title screen users are delivered to a menu screen, if you can call it that.  The menu isn’t really a menu at all but a series of colored circles each with it’s own meaning.  Settings, help, and high scores can be seen from this screen.  The large button in the middle starts the game as well.  Once in each level that I played started out pretty much the same.  Big planet in the middle and drips coming from the top of the screen.  Users must spin the circle left or right to catch the missing drips.  Drips match color to the section they should be caught with.


It’s simple just spin the round disk in the middle and catch the colors coming from the top.   While it is simple it’s NOT easy.  This game is challenging and it will take some time to get used to the circular controls.   In a way this reminds me of a round version of breakout.  You have items falling from the sky of different colors that you have to match up.  You can’t miss or the game is over.

Overall I give this app 4 stars.  More than 1 life per turn would make it better. But go check it out for yourself!  See what you think.


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