Planet Lander iPhone App is Fun but Challenging


It only looks easy!

Free app Planet Lander by DJEE games is a spacecraft lander app that challenges users to land the spaceship they are flying without crashing it. There are many different factors at play that affect the outcome of each landing. This game looks simple when it first loads but it is far from easy. Each level offers new challenges and just landing the spacecraft is tough at times. It’s definitely a challenging game to say the least.

Planet Lander Video App Review

Graphics are nice but not polished.

It’s obvious from the moment the game loads that DJEE games doesn’t have a professional graphic artist on staff. The graphics of Planet Lander are nice but definitely look a bit like an amateur did them. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. Actually I kind of like it better this way because it has a certain look and feel that reminds me of an old school windows game I used to play in the 90’s. Kind goes along with all the 8bit graphic games in the app store now. However I’m sure some folks might be put off by the less than stellar appearance of the app. The title screen loads up and you see the name of the game, a start (play button), and a few other buttons. That’s it nothing too flashy here. Once you hit play you are shown a levels page consisting of planets with level numbers on them. The game screens themselves show a spacecraft coming in for a landing and the ground where a target is located. Hit it and you go on the next level. There are also up and down as well as left and right power level bars at the top and right hand side of the game screen. It’s nothing to ooo and ahh over but it gets the job done.

Single yet challenging gameplay

I’ve only played the first few levels of this game because it’s hard to master and it’s also hard to justify waiting 17 minutes between each set of lives. I like playing the game when I have been able to. Basically the main game play consists of touch left bottom of screen to turn on left thrusters and right bottom of the screen to turn on right thrusters. Do that and land the spacecraft and you pass the level. From what I read in the description there are other levels where you need to collect gems as well.

Overall I think this game play is simple enough but it’s the timing of the button pressing that is not.  Timing is everything in this game.  I also think they could do a better job explaining how to successfully play in the tutorial at the start of the game.  It’s a bit vague and leaves the player to guess a bit.

I give this app a rating of 2.50 stars and 1/2

Get your copy in the iTunes app store today and see for yourself!


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