NovaScape Galactive Continous Runner App Review


A Continuous Runner app that reaches for the stars

A huge genre in the mobile app space is the game genre. Inside the game genre are smaller sub genres like rpg, racing, mystery, arcade, etc… Once such sub genre is the “continuous runner” genre.  Games in this genre usually work like this. The player starts the game and continuously plays or (runs) until they die. Then the game starts over and the player goes again.  Some games make you start completely from scratch while others allow you to maintain some progress and go from that point when you start the game again.  In the case of the game NovaScape by Kreative Koncepts it’s all about the the stars. The goal is to run, avoid getting your space ship smashed up by asteroids and other such obstacles, and collect as many stars as possible.  The stars are the currency in this game. But before getting into that lets about more about how the game looks!

User Interface

When the game first loads it starts you off in the main game play interface and players get to see how to play the game by way of an awesome in game tutorial.  First you see how to control the ship, then you get to see how to fire lasers and more.  In my opinion this is extremely helpful because it definitely sets the new player off on the right foot. The theme music is a bumpin’ kind of techno style music that is not too bad but can get a bit repetitive after a while.  No worries because you can turn that off in settings if it starts to bug you too much. There are controls such as an invincibility button and a megablast button.  There is also a button to take you to the next galaxy for more continuous game play action.  The graphics on the game screen are really well done and the controls are pretty straightforward and easy to master. My only problem is games like this are usually not that fun for me because I find them to be a little boring and repetitive. However after playing NovaScape I found it fun and quite engaging.  There was enough meat on the bone to keep me interested for a while.

Game Play

The simple game play of NovaScape is one of it’s best qualities.  Players simply hold the phone in landscape mode (sideways) and move the phone from side to side to steer their space ship to the left and right.  The goal is to avoid the asteroids and other space obstacles and collect the stars as they fly by.  Players have a laser they can use to bust up space obstacles but it only works when it has enough charge to fire.  After a certain amount of time playing and stars are collected the charge gets to 100%. It’s at this point that players can fire a mega charge destroy everything on the screen coming at their spaceship.  The galaxy button is on the left hand side of the screen. It is used to take the player to the next galaxy when it’s charge reaches 100%.  There is also an invincibility mode to make the players space ship invincible for a short period of time.

As I stated before the stars are the currency in NovaScape.  The game is free to download but it’s stars that are used to upgrade the spaceship.  Players can buy stars from the in game shop, for real dollars, or they can win them through their game play.  Stars are used to purchase upgrades such as more health, better armor, more invincibility, and different color laser canons. Players can also earn better spaceships but I’m not quite sure how they are earned yet because I haven’t got to that level yet. I’m not sure I ever will because I’m also not that great at continuous runners. But whatever it’s still fun playing them.

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Overall Rating

Overall I enjoyed playing NovaScape and I think it’s extremely well done. The graphics are great, sound is good, and the game play is good.  There are a nice assortment of upgrades to choose from and I think it will keep people interested for quite some time while playing.  I highly recommend this app for anyone who likes continuous runners and space ship apps. Plus it’s free so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Overall Rating:

NovaScape is available in the app store now! Check it out! 

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