myVegas Slots Free Las Vegas Slots Game


A free Vegas slots game with fun and many rewards

Do you like slot machines? Ever gone on a cruise or been to Las Vegas or Atlantic City? How would you like to download an app for your iOS or Android device that will let you have the fun of slot machines and let you earn rewards in places like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or on a Royal Caribbean cruise?  If that sounds good to you then you need to check out myVegas Slots.


User Interface and Game Play

When the app loads players are shown a screen that says “Play Free Slots. Get Real Rewards!”.  I would say that’s the game in a nutshell.  After that screen loads you come to the main screen.  At the top is a level indicator that shows the players level.  Levels are earned by playing and the higher level you get the more slot games you unlock. When you first start you can play the “Excalibur” slots game.  The rest of the slot games are locked.  Tapping on a locked one will tell you what level you need to be at to unlock it.  For example Treasure unlocks at level 5, Shaq 9 unlocks at level 6, and so on and so forth.  There are a ton of slot games to unlock so myVegas Slots should keep players busy for a long long time.  After the level indicator are indicators for loyalty points, and chips.  Players can buy real stuff from real live businesses with loyalty points.  The more you play the more points you earn.  Chips are in game currency and can be used to bet higher and earn more chips and loyalty points.  Under the top bar is a slider that shows all the areas of the game a person can select. There is Jackpots, Store, Rewards, Journeys, Wallet, and More Apps.  To the far left of the screen is a pop-up icon menu with a home button, spin wheel which can be spun once per day for bonus chips, and a settings button. There is also a buy chips and bonus timer on the main screen as well.

Game Play

Tap on the “Jackpots” button and it takes players to the available games they can play.  Tapping on a game takes them into the game itself. From that point the game plays pretty much just like any video slot game one might play at a casino.  Near the bottom of the screen is a pop up control that allows players to select an auto spin number and a bet amount indicator. There is also a BET MAX button just like a real video slot. It a player chooses an autospin of 10 the game will run as many spins in a row as the player has chosen.  The more you play the more game items you unlock. While testing the app i started out only having a max bet of 2 but while playing it increased to 5 as I unlocked it.  Players can unlock whole slot games from regular game play.

There are also progressive slots in myVegas slots with real mega jackpots to win.  Players can win huge amounts of chips by playing those. These jackpots can be used to trade for real discounts and freebies from places in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and More! There are daily and hourly bonuses as well. The more you play myVegas Slots the better your chances are to earn some of these bonuses. The more you play the more you unlock and the greater your chances are of winning more and more and more.

The Store button can be tapped to take you to a screen where you can buy more coins with real money.  The game is free and so is the game play.  However if you want to move things faster, real money can be used to speed things up. Prices vary from $4.99 for 7500 spins to $99.99 for 150,00 spins.

The rewards section is where players can go to and shop around for some of the best rewards from real live casino and non-casino related businesses.  Rewards are traded for loyalty points.  j

The Journeys screen shows three journeys to start with.  One is unlocked and 2 are locked.  The first journey “Welcome to myStrip” is the unlocked one.  Journeys are like adventure games within the myVegas game itself. Players can move along in the journey by playing, winning the required amount, and passing each level. The journey screen itself looks just like a map with stops along the way.  The players icon is positioned at the spot they are on in the journey at that time.   Each stop in the journey earns loyalty and game chips for passing it.


Overall Rating

As far as casino slots apps go this one is top notch.  The user interface is outstanding, the game play is fun, and there are so many things to earn and unlock that it will definitely keep players interested for a long time.  Then throw in the ability to actually earn REAL life discounts and comps by just playing a game and I say FIVE STARS ALL DAY!

myVegas Slots is available in the iOS app store and the Google Play Store! You should GET IT TODAY!


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