Five Awesome iOS Games from 2016


These awesome iOS games from 2016 are truly epic!

In 2016 I spent a lot of time playing games on my iPhone.  Most of that time I was playing Clash Royale but in the last three or four months I have started to check out a few other games and these are all games that I felt were simply must have games.  They are not in any particular order of ranking.  However I will say that Clash is by far my favorite game of the bunch.  But some of them are starting to catch up.  So read on and I’ll tell you all about them.  Oh and one more thing.  These are all pretty much games with fighting in them in one way or another.  So if you are more the puzzle gamer or the strategy gaming type then this might be the time to move on to the next review.  But if you get into fighting games like I do then read on friends! Read on!


Clash Royale

The first game on the list is truly my favorite game of all time.  I have played this game so much I have wondered when I will get bored with it.  The answer to that is NO! I have not.  Oh sure there are times when I get bored with the current deck I’m using but then I switch decks and Bam, it’s all new again! If Clash Royale is a TV show it would be known as a ‘spinoff show’.  It’s a spinoff of the popular game from the same developer ‘Clash of Clans’.  In fact most of the cast of characters used in Clash of Clans are part of Clash Royale.  Players get cards that represent each of the characters one can fight with in the game. Put together 8 different character cards to form a deck.  Once you have a deck you are ready to fight someone else.  The goal is to use the characters from your deck to knock down the towers of the other players deck.  The other player’s goal is the same as yours.

During the battle each players character is worth a certain amount of elixir. As your use up elixir your elixir goes down. Use up all your elixir and you have to wait for it to build up to play another character.  If you use it up and your opponent hasn’t you are at a disadvantage and could end up losing some health if they attack your at that time. That’s what makes part of this game such fun.  There is more to it than just entertaining graphics and sound. There is strategy and excitement.  If you want to play a truly addicting game get Clash Royale today! But don’t say I didn’t warn you about it being addicting! You’ve been warned!!


Battleplans is a real time strategy game that lets players command troops in real time battles. Attack an enemies camp by moving your troops around the map in strategic ways to outsmart the enemy.  There’s a campaign mode where players can save the lands from evil skull invaders.  There’s also a PVP aspect to this game where players can battle online.

Players need to build up their defenses in their base and setup defenses to help protect their base from invaders. There is real strategy aspects to this part of the game. Players can mix and match troops to form powerful attack and defensive combinations. Battleplans is a great game and it’s tons of fun! It was one of the few games that captured my attention on my mini breaks from Clash Royale. Get it today you won’t regret it!

Castle Crush

If Clash Royale has a baby brother it would be Castle Crush.  What I mean by that is that usually baby brothers always want to be just like their older brothers.  They do alot of the same things the older brother does but just a little bit differently.  The baby brother is still cool but he’s just a little bit different.  That’s how one can compare Clash Royale and Castle Crush.  In this game you build decks just like in Clash.  In this game your cards cost mana and in Clash they cost Elixir.  In this game there are characters that do certain things and in Clash there are characters that do certain things.

Basically if you like Clash Royale you’ll probably like Castle Crush.  The difference is the actual battle play itself.  In Clash you hold the phone in portrait mode and in Castle Crush you hold it in landscape mode.   The graphics in Clash is more cartoon like but it works.  In Clash the graphics are also good and they work for the game but they aren’t at entertaining.

Overall Castle Crush would be my favorite battle deck game if Clash Royale wasn’t already my favortie battle deck game. It’s a good game and I highly recommend you check it out today!

Titan Brawl

Titan brawl is also a battle deck game but it’s also a strategy game. Users can put together different characters called Titan’s and combine them troops to attack the enemy.  Titan’s are sort of like a Hero in your typical RPG game. Titan’s like hero’s usually have higher powers and more hit points.  Titan’s are bad ass! This game is also landscape but there are two lanes.  The goal is to defeat the enemies defenses and take out their totem.

The difference in this game the titan’s only become available over time. The longer the battle goes on the more titan’s you can send into the battle. Each titan has a special ability which you can use at any time when it becomes available. Titan’s and Totem’s can be upgraded.  The app is free but there are in game purchases to help you upgrade your skills and titan’s faster.

Titan Brawl has only two lanes so it feels similar to Clash but it’s definitely not as close to clash as the previous game. It’s a great game and I definitely think you need to check it out right away.   You will like it I guarantee!

Mobile Legends

Mobile is a MOBA which stands for Massively Online Battle Arena.  The goals in this game is to defend your totems and take our your enemies totems.  There are three lanes and a jungle in the middle.  Players can move anywhere in the arena to try to sneak up or attack their enemies.  Players have to keep an eye on their health.  Lose it all and you have to wait to regen back at your base. There are other games out there like this one such as “League of Legends” or “VainGlory”.  I feel these games if done right are incredibly immersive and tons of fun.  There is action, strategy, and great graphics. I really enjoy playing Mobile Legends and when I’m taking a break from Clash I usually will fire this baby up and go for a walk in the jungle! Get Mobile legends today!!


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