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The Smart way to Take Your Temperature

Recently I was asked to review a new product made my Vicks.  Yes thats right the company that makes VapoRub is getting into the app business these days. Isn’t everybody getting into the app business these days? Well Vicks did so and they did it well.  Vicks has come up with a very cool bluetooth connectible thermometer that hooks up with your iPhone and makes use of a very cool app called SmartTemp.  If you go searching for it in the app store you should search for “Vicks SmartTemp Thermometer”.  For the thermometer you can search Amazon for the SmartTemp Wireless Smartphone Thermometer or click the link at the bottom of this review.


What It Does

The thermometer is similar to any average digital thermometer in size, weight, and length.  It’s made of basically the same rubbery feeling material that those thermometers use and it even has the spiffy looking silver metal tip on the end that gets the temperature readings for it. But that’s where the similarities end.  You see this thermometer is bluetooth connectible and when paired up with your iPhone is talks to it’s own app to show you your temperature readings on the screen.  The screen is very easy to read and its color coded based on the temperature readings it gets.

Users can add profiles for each family member and track temperatures for all of them.  The app automatically remembers the date and time of each time you use it and even allows you to set reminders to take another reading in the future.  The thermometer can be used orally and can also be used under the arm or rectally so it’s good for use on babies too.  However I would advise a thorough washing of the thermometer if it was used rectally in the past hahaha.  This allows you to track trends so you can see if someone’s fever is trending upwards or down.

The SmartTemp app is compatible with iOS 7.1 or later and your iPhone must have bluetooth capability turned on.  It’s lightweight and has a very large button on the top so it should easy for kids or senior citizens to use as well.

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Overall Rating

I highly recommend the Vicks SmartTemp SmartPhone Thermometer for anyone who needs a new thermometer in the future.  It’s extermely useful and since almost every human being has a smartphone these days its perfect.  I give this product and it’s companion app FIVE stars all the way!


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