Jelly Comb 5-Port USB Charger


Great 5 Port Charger with a Nifty Night Light Too!

The other day I was offered the opportunity to check out a new 5-Port USB charger from Jelly Comb.  It’s very cool but a little different from the ones I have owned in the past.  First of all it has this cool modern look. It looks kind of like  an egg to be honest. It has a white oval shape with a black front that has 5 ports. Do you remember those egg-shaped chairs from the 60’s and 70’s? It sort of looks like it should go with one of those.  But it’s definitely not from the past.

The charger has 5 ports. 1 is a high output quick charge port and the other 4 are self-adjusting ports that can adjust their power flow based on what type of device is plugged into it. This is a good thing because having a fried device is not something anyone wants after a night of charging.

One of the cool things about it has very little to do with charging. It has hole straight through the center of it and the hole glows very cool blue color when plugged in.  That way you know it is plugged in and it can also serve as a night-light too! It’s not super bright but it’s bright enough to let you find it in the dark. There is a tool that comes with the charger that you can use to turn off the blue light but why would you want to, it’s so cool.

Overall I like this charger. It looks great, it charged all my devices when I used it and it even has the quick charge port which really helps get those devices charged up fast. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a home charger or a charger they can stick in their bag for a road trip.


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