iPOW Hands Free Magnetic iPhone Mount Review


Finally a mount that works!

A couple weeks ago I saw a commercial, while checking out videos on YouTube, for a magnetic hands free mount for your car.  It looked cool but that one showed an item you stuck to your dash board.  That’s all well and good for people with a dash that has lots of space or a flat surface to stick it too.  However in my car’s case that doesn’t work.  So I went to Amazon and found the iPOW Magnetic Hands Free Mobile Phone Mount and picket that up for about $15 bucks. This one is magnetic but it mounts to your dash by way of the cars CD Player slot.


How to set it up and use it

Let me just say that setting this thing up was a snap.  It comes in a little box each piece is wrapped in plastic. First I attached the magnetic phone holder to the mount’s ball joint by loosing the connector so it easily slides over the joint. Then I tightened it back up and that part is done.  Then I slid the mount into my car’s CD player slot and turned the fastener on the underside until it fits snugly in the slot and doesn’t come out.  Then i peeled the adhesive off of the metal rectangle that comes in the box and attached it to the inside of my iPhone’s case.  Alternatively you could attach it to your phone but I was more concerned about the phone’s resale value so I stuck it to my case.  Then I put my iPhone back in its case and simply let the magnet do its work.   Poof it was done. My phone was now being held hands free by the iPOW magnet and it sits there all nice and pretty without any issues. It works exactly as advertised. I love this thing!


Overall Review

This is a great product and I would highly recommend anyone looking for a way to keep there phone hands free in their car give this a try! I give this product FIVE STARS ALL DAY LONG AND TWICE ON SUNDAYS!

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