Gummy Drop iPhone Game App Review


A new app that has just come out is a match 3 style puzzle app called Gummy Drop.  This app looks and feels a lot like some of the other match 3 style apps but it throws in a few twists and turns to make things fun and different.  I enjoyed my time playing Gummy Drop and here’s a few reasons why I think you will do.

It Looks Great!

The graphics of this game are outstanding.  There’s a map level menu screen that has you going along a path completing levels. This is similar to several games I’ve played so that’s nothing new, but the look and feel of the map is excellent.  There is details, color, and actual interactive functionality to keep the user immersed in the game itself.  My only critique would be to get rid of the grid on the water.  It looks a little unfinished.  Other than that I think the game looks great! The graphics on the game screens itself are appropriate, colorful, and perfectly functional.  It lays upon a 3d looking background and has tool bars at the top and bottom that provide functionality and information to the players.

Familiar Yet Different Gameplay

At first glance I said to myself, this is just like that OTHER game that I used to be addicted to.  That game called uhhh….candy….something or other ;).  Whatever it was called I think you may know the game I’m talking about.  I say that because unfortunately you really can’t change the formula of the match 3 game.  A match 3 game is like this.  If the player has two items that are the same in a row and a third that matches close by, that can be moved into the same row as the two matching items, then those three match and poof points are generated and they are removed from the game board.  Users do this over and over until they match the goal of the level they are playing.  Some games have levels with multi-layered goals.  What that means is the user has to clear background items before they complete the points goal of the level.    In gummy drop the user has some levels where they say they need to clear the tiles before finishing the level.

One of the twists as I like to call it is the complexity of the game play.  The levels get cleared and as you play, other goals popup that players can achieve.  Once they do they  earn boosts upon completion of those goals.  Players can play levels multiple times and earn different rewards for each time through.  Eventually they max out a level and move on to a different one.  One of the other things I like is players can earn free boosts from time to time by simply completing a level and I like that a lot.  One of the problems with freemium style apps is they only give the game for free and the extras that make the game more fun usually come with a price tag.  This is fine but getting a few freebies makes people really, really happy and I’m betting they keep on playing longer because of it.

Settings and Social Medial

The settings page is easy to manage and offers users the ability to turn off sounds, music, and voice sounds.  Users can also prevent notifications and turn off tutorials once they know how to play the game.  There is also a Facebook connect button on the settings page that allows users to connect to Facebook and share their game with other friends.  Sort of like that other game I used to play…hmmm? One of the cool things that really doesn’t affect game play but is kind of cool is the little dog icon on the settings page.  Click that icon and it shows a popup ad for the the developers themselves. Not sure what the dog represents but I like dogs so it’s cool with me!

Overall I like Gummy Drop a lot and I believe you will will too.  It’s fun, it’s familiar, it looks great, and it’s just different enough to keep you playing and keep you hooked on it.  So check it out in the app store now and let me know what you think!

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