Glidefire Android App is Endless Futuristic Fun


Graphics are Stellar

To say the graphic interface of the app Glidefire is good would be a total understatement.  It is completely stellar! They completely sell the futuristic look and work extremely well with the feel of the game play.  All the game play screens look sharp, colorful, and the fonts are easy to read.  The placement of certain screen options like buttons and menu items are perfect and fit the theme of the app.  All items are extremely detailed and the effects like swirling and moving items look really great as well.  Bottom line is you won’t be disappointed by the look and feel of Glidefire.

Gameplay is fast and simple but not that easy​

Players play Glidefire by piloting their glider on the futuristic road by avoiding obstacles and using their weapon to destroy other obstacles in their way. This may seem like a simple game but it’s not as easy as it sounds.  First of all the game play is fast and challenging.  Occasionally players may find it frustrating because its not always possible to avoid obstacles or move to collect items when they need to.  This may cause some players frustration and they may choose to quit playing.  Other the other hand some players might find this challenge something to conquer and it may motivate them to keep playing until they do.  You just never know.

Glidefire has a social aspect where players can complete with their friends on Facebook to become the highest ranked player amongst all their Facebook friends.  This might also be great source of motivation to keep playing and also keep players interested much longer than without it. ​

There are ways to upgrade gliders with items collected through playing.  These upgrades should keep players interested longer and make the game more fun. Since this game is using the freemium model there are also some items that can be purchased with real money and for some that might be an option as well.  I guess it just depends on how much expendable cash you have and what your philosophy is when it comes to spending real money on in-game items. But either way I think most players will have fun with Glidefire and I would definitely recommend it as a fun game to play.

Check it out by getting it from the Android Play Store and if you have an iPhone or iPad it’s also available in the app store as well!  

Get Glidefire in Google Play Store

Also available on iOS in the
iTunes App Store

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