Failure Games Wants To Push Your Limits


Are news feedYou Willing To Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

Recently I was checking my email and I received an email from the fine folks at AppSumo promoting their new iPhone app called “Failure Games”.  I read the premise and it definitely sounded like something I would need to check out.  For those of you that don’t know it AppSumo isn’t just a normal, garden variety type of app development company.  In fact, as far as I know AppSumo  has never created apps. What I believe they do is spend most of their time promoting or companies apps, software or online business programs to their email list of thousands.  If I am incorrect in that assessment then I apologize to them in advance, however if I am right then may I say that they hit the ball right out of the park on their first at bat in the app development game!  Failure Games is not just good, it’s Freakin’ Great!   Let’s Discuss…

At first glance it has all the features one would expect of a typical social app.  The app gives users the ability to post and see posts by others, even video posts can be submitted and viewed.  Their is comments, sharing, and other typical social app type functionality as well.  The screens are clean, the font is easy to read, and most of them have a blue and white interface that is broken up in sections for the specific content.  At the top of each screen is the title in white font with blue background.  At the bottom of the screen is a toolbar with 5 icons to choose from.  The first icon is “Trending” which shows the current failure games challenges that are trending among users at that time.  The second icon is “Feed” which is like a Facebook or twitter feed.  Except this shows a constant feed of all the latest people completing challenges.  Users can choose to view everyone in their feed or just those people they follow.  Then comes the “Challenge” icon.  It takes users to the challenge screen. The challenge screen is where users can see their current featured challenge of the day as well as all the other challenges available to them.  Users can start the current challenge from this screen, as well as see other challenge entries already submitted.  I think this part is especially helpful because if there is any confusion on what needs to be done to complete the challenge all someone has to do is look at some of the other entries for clues.  Users can also share any of their challenge postings to text message, email message, Twitter, or their Facebook page.  The next icon is the “News” icon.  The news screen shows users the latest news about themselves as well as about people they are following.  Typically you get a chance to see reaction to something you submitted on this page.  And lastly is the “Profile” icon that takes users to the profile page.  The profile page shows number of entries, followers, and people you are following.   From this page users can also view their entries as well as edit their profile page.

That’s about it for this app however I feel I owe the readers an explanation about the title of this review.  How does this app push my limits is what you are asking right?  If you are asking that I will tell you why I wrote that title in a minute.  Before I give you the reason I feel i need to say that AppSumo is mostly a company that promotes business development self help products.  Everything they promote is either designed to help users create businesses, expand their current businesses, or help people find new ways to live a more fruitful life.  With that being said why have they put their name behind this social game app?  It’s simple!  They are doing that because this app pushes people to complete challenges, in front of other people, that they would most likely NEVER  do on their own.  It challenges users to push the limits of what they will do in a safe, fun, yet challenging way.  For some people making a fool of themselves is a fear so this app challenges those people to make a funny face and post it so everyone can see it.  To others it’s a challenge to get rid of things.  These people are usually called “pack rats” I believe.  So this app challenges users to throw out something they have in their home or office.  There’s a challenge to take a picture with a complete stranger.  This is to challenge those people who don’t like talking to people they don’t know.  This app pushes peoples limits based on fears that most human beings have.   Facing challenges is they way most people grow in life.  In business users will face many challenges and I think that the motivation in creating this app is to push people to develop a thirst for more challenges to complete!  To start to realize that most people have limiting beliefs that keep them from getting what they really want out of life and if they faced the challenges created by those limiting beliefs they would be much happier and more successful.  The best part about this game is the fact that people also like to compete. If someone faced with a challenge sees others doing it they might start to think if that person can do it then I can too!  I can’t let them beat me!  It’s genius, it’s fun, and that’s why I gave Failure Games by AppSumo my highest rating.  I highly recommend Failure Games for anyone.  It won’t only give users some fun challenges to complete, it might just change their life!

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