The Alice App iPad App Review


It’s a book! It’s an app! It’s a book and an app! All in one! 

alice iphone app

The Alice App is an iPad app that bridges the gap between electronic book and mobile phone app and it does it extremely well.  The book starts up and gives the users the option of reading or being read to.  If you pick reading then it works just like any other ebook.  Users can read it themselves and its just an good as any other copy of Alice in wonderland in the Amazon bookstore.  In fact its a little better because the illustrations are somewhat animated and that is something you don’t usually find in a standard ebook.  If the users choose to be read to then the book is still the same but it is read to the user by a professional narrator.  This is nice for kids who can’t read yet or adults who don’t feel like reading or just plain lazy! I imagine someone who unable to see would also benefit from the read to feature as well.  It’s a classic story and one that everyone should be able to read …or hear!  So go check it out in the app store today and see what you think.  

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