nRadio Internet Radio iPhone App Review


Listen to Internet Radio stations across the world

Do you like to listen to radio but are bored with your local stations? Sure you could order satellite radio and pay a monthly fee for it.  However you could also check out the nRadio iPhone app and listen to radio stations from places like USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Iceland, and many many more.

User Interface and Functionality

When the app loads you see a screen with a scroller of radio stations at the top and a play button in the middle. To play a radio stations you just scroll to the station  you want and tap the play button.  When i first loaded the app I had a bunch of radio stations from another country in the scroller.   I tapped the settings buttons and there’s a list of radio stations.  You can load radio stations from different countries by selecting the country you want from the side scroller of little flag icons on the settings screen.  Users can also add radio stations to the list manually by adding in the radio station name and URL.  You can change the screen background and a also few other settings from the settings page.

The app itself works pretty well but I did come across many stations that wouldn’t play when I selected them from the scroller.  However there were plenty of stations that did work so I’m thinking that those that didn’t either had an old url or they were off the air.

Overall Rating

In my opinion anyone looking for an inexpensive internet radio app should definitely check out the nRadio app and see what they think.  Besides the obvious internet radio stations the app also features things like an alarm clock even if the app is running in the background, warning when switching from wifi to data to prevent over usage of data, optional mph, temperature, and date display, and most important NO ADS!


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nRadio is available in the App Store today!

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