Kawaii Assistant – Is A Japanese Fantasy


Real Administrative Executive Assistant or Fantasy?

virtual employee When I was first asked to review the Kawaii Assistant iPhone App I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  I read the description and thought possibly some kind of business app with a japanese virtual employee.  I was really curious to see what the app was all about after reading the description in the app store.  So without further ado we’ll dive right in….

Well I would say it’s both!  Suki Yamamoto is the name of the girl who plays the Kawaii Assistant and the description of the app says she is a secretary for Vice Republic.  And from the images on the screen of my iPhone I can tell she’s definitely a real human being girl.  However that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s actually named Suki or actually an administrative assistant.  So that’s why I say both.  However she’s really cute and tons of fun to play with.  So I’m saying…who cares????

When the app first loads you see Suki sitting very lady like in a chair waiting for your crossed legged in a white chair.  To the left is her mood meter.  It’s sort of sitting at mid-level when the app starts and can fluctuate based on how you treat her.  Make her mad it goes down.  Make her happy is goes up.  To the right are 3 icons.  One looks like a symbol for wind, one for a finger, and the other is information.  Each one of these also represents what kind of interactive actions you can do from this page.   The wind symbol means if you blow into the microphone Suki will react to it.  Poke means if you poke Suki in certain places she will react to that as well.  The info icon just brings up the about screen which shows the name of the app and who made it.  From there you can select the app logo and it will take you to an information screen that tells you more about the app functionality.  This is nice because at first glance what you can do with this app isn’t exactly obvious to the user.  It’s not overly tough to figure out, but if you like to read directions this is a nice feature.   At the bottom of the screen are 4 icons for each of the 4 app features you can use.  The advice section is like a virtual employee magic eight ball.  Game takes you to the game screen where you can play rock, paper, scissors with Suki…yes i said rock, paper, scissors!  Haha.  Memo is an actual functioning memo taking system.  And then the home icon which takes you home from any page.

Messing with the Virtual Employee

japanese fantasyOne of the fun things you can do with this app is mess with Suki.  If you’re feeling mischevious you can blow into the microphone.  This causes a fun thing to happen that makes her mad and she tells you stop it!  If you poke her in certain places again she gets mad at you.  Eventually if you do it enough her mood meter drops and she…well I don’t want to spoil all the surprises so you’ll just have to get the app and see for yourself.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Anyone?

When you enter the Game screen Suki is there with her fist raised up waiting for you to play rock, paper, scissors with her.   Each round you play you are betting a certain amount of your gold.  You can also double down to double your money win but you also double your losses if you lose that round.  The reason you want to play this game with Suki is to unlock each of the gifts for Suki by reaching a certain level of gold.   There are three gifts you can offer her and each one has to be unlocked.   Once you unlock them they stay unlocked so you can give her gifts anytime after that.

Give her pretty things!

Suki is like any woman she loves pretty things.  If Suki’s mood level is low you can cheer her up with a nice gift or two.  If you just want to see her wearing a bikini or kimono you can give her one of those too!  You can also give her cake and mess with her there too.  Each one of those gifts has Suki asks you to interact with her.  Based on your responses her mood level goes up or down and she has different reactions as well.


suki japanese fantasyKawaii Assistant is a fun little novelty app that I’m sure some people will like, mostly guys i’m assuming, and some people will not.  The reason I say mostly guys is because…well….just look at the pictures of Suki I’ve posted in this review and you pretty much know why.  The memo feature seems somewhat out of place because I don’t see anyone choosing to pull this app up to take a memo over the iPhone’s own memo microphone app.  It’s like a toy and not a business app.  That being said it is fun and entertaining and I did have fun playing around with it.

iPhone App Review Guy Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

It’s a silly little app that’s fun, looks great, and does what it claims to do. And having rock, paper, scissors in the app was a definite unique plus. However it was sort of repetitive after a while and after playing with it for 30 minutes I was bored and felt I had seen all there was to offer.

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