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Never judge a book by it’s cover! That’s what my mother always said. That’s so true when it comes to the iPhone app Beard Booth. I honestly saw this app and didn’t know what to expect. At first I thought an app about beard facts or beard history or some really boring kind of thing. But when i opened it up I was pleasantly surprised to find a fun, silly, little app that actually made me laugh. I like laughing! Most of us do. So let’s discuss.

When the app first opens you see the title screen. There’s a camera button, a rate it button, and a more button. Each of these buttons takes you to different functions of the app.

The camera button takes you into the next screen where you get to choose from the following beards that come with the app:

  • Van Dyke
  • Old Dutch
  • Short Beard
  • Chin Curtain
  • Hollywoodian
  • Petit Goatee
  • Cops Tash
  • Fu Manchu

These beards are free and included with the app.

The next seven beards can be unlocked by in-app purchase for a price of 99 cents each and can be reached by pressing the more button on the first screen:

  • The Ducktail
  • Mutton Chops
  • The Balbo
  • The Mario
  • The Klingon
  • The Zappa
  • Anchor
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Once you’ve picked the beard that you want to try out the app opens up the camera screen. The camera screen has a facial recognition and it only works when it sees a face on screen. You can take the picture in self-portrait mode or in normal camera mode to try a beard out on other people. Both modes work flawlessly and the beard i tried out on myself was put into the picture in the right place even though when I was shooting the picture it looked a little off. My thought is there is some auto-correction going on as well. You can also adjust the placement manually as well as make the beard you chose larger or smaller using the normal iPhone pinch methods. This was the part where i laughed because when i was done i made my self look like an Irish Osama as well as gave myself a fu manchu. It was pretty silly but sometimes it’s just fun being silly. On the other hand I could also see the benefit of an app like this. Let’s say your a guy who’s been clean shaven all his life and would like to grow a beard but you’re afraid of how it will look when you’re done and you don’t want to waste your time if it’s going to look like crap. Well now you can put the beard on your face and get a general idea of what you would look like with a fu manchu or a cop mustache. Want to show your girl what you’d look like with a goatee no problem. Snap a pic and email it to her. See what she says??

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After i was done putting multiple beards on my mug i decided to put a beard on my 3 and 6 year old as well. The funny part was my DAUGHTER thought it was funny to see herself with a big goatee. My son however thought it wasn’t so funny and wanted me to take it off. Hahaha…kids? Go figure! I also tried slapping a beard on my rat terrier and my yellow lab and the camera didn’t find their faces. There was a brief second when it popped the mustache up on my lab but she moved so i’ll have to wait and try it when she’s less active ha ha. Another great feature i’d like to talk about in this iPhone App Review is the ability to create a bearded picture from your own camera roll pictures. This was also really fun because you can pretty much take any picture in your camera roll and slap whatever mustache or beard you want on them. Let’s say you have this really great picture of your ex-girlfriend or maybe your mother in-law? You have always wanted to draw beards and mustaches on their picture but never wanted to ruin a photograph. Now you can! This reminds me of those days in the doctors office when i was waiting to get called into the office and i spent 20 minutes drawing mustaches and beards on all the models faces. Oh if only you could also put devil horns and black out teeth on them as well! Maybe the Beard Booth folks can work on something like that for the future hahaha. Needless to say Beard Booth is great fun to say the least.

The rate it button takes you to the iTunes store where you can rate the app and give a brief review telling the people who created the app what you thought about it. There’s also a share it button where you can email your pictures as well as a twitter button you can use to tweet out your new bearded likeness to all your twitter followers! How great is that? I will be doing just that upon completion of this review hehehe.

iPhone App Review Guy Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

This app was perfect for the type of app it is and therefore earns my highest rating of 5 out of 5 stars! Functionally it also worked as expected and there were no glaring flaws at all. I’m not so sure many women will pay for this app but it’s a face full of fun…oh man! Sorry couldn’t help myself.

Available Now! See what you think! Beard Booth - iAppsRus Price: $.99
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