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When I was asked to review a physics, math and science problem solver app I was a bit concerned that I would not be up to the task mentally.  I made it to geometry in high school and I failed chemistry.  However after opening up Equate and watching Bez’s training videos I realized that this might actually be a fun app to review.  Because the training videos were easy to understand and actually kind of fun to watch.  Here is an example of one such “training video” for your to see what I mean.

See what I mean? The guy is nerdy, the videos are kind of funny, and yet you learned a little something about what he was talking about and about how to use the Equate app.  I soon realized that I didn’t need to be “Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory” to review this app.  So without further ado lets do this!


equate menu screen

From the moment I first ran the Equate app I noticed right away that this app was a great looking app.  The color scheme is mostly orange and white but the look is polished, easy to understand, and very effective.  The first page you see when you load the app is the home screen.  A tutorial type of page that has three videos giving users a brief tutorial of how to use the app.  The videos are not only informative, they are kind of funny too.  I don’t want to give too much away but light sabers, skate boards and nerds are involved! The tutorials give users two brief examples of calculations the app can help with.  At the bottom of the page is a toolbar that contains three choices.  Nerd out, Menu, and About.  Nerd out takes you to all the different types of calculations you can do.  Menu takes you to a page showing all the different parts of the app.  The about page that tells you about the author, his social pages, and other things like his blog and email address.


The functionality of the Equate app is so huge that there is just way too many functions to go over each of them.  So I’ll just cover the overall gist of the app itself.  This is a calculator that does math, physics, and chemistry.  It educates the user as much as it informs them of the correct answer.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  One of the functions available is a function to solve the area of a rectangle.  Obviously this is not a hard thing to get for most but for some people it may be.  What’s cool is at the very bottom of the page is a section called “Learn It”.  There’s a brief explanation about how to measure area and a button that users can tap to take them to a wikipedia page about “Area” as well.  The user is educated and they get the correct answer.  This to me sets this app apart from others.  It’s also why I have chosen to give this app my highest rating of five stars and why I would highly recommend it to anyone learning science, math or chemistry.  It would be really great for school kids of almost all ages too.  So definitely get to the app store and check it out today! The name of the app again is Equate.

equate calculate screen
equate about page
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