FEMA Emergency Preparation App for iOS


If an Emergency comes This App May Save Your Life!

FEMA – The Federal Emergency Management Agency has an app that is designed to help prepare people for natural disaster emergencies such as Tornadoes, Wild Fires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Floods.  Yes that’s right even a federal government agency has their own app too! So read on and i’ll tell you more about it.


User Interface and Functionality

When the app first loads up you see a white title screen with just the logo for FEMA on it.  When I saw this it basically told me that this is definitely a serious, no nonsense app.  Nobody is messing around here! After the title screen loads you are shown the main user interface.  At the top you see FEMA and the logo.  Down from there is a vertical menu of items to choose from with different colored backgrounds for each item.

First are “Weather Alerts” in red.  Tapping on that button shows a screen showing the latest National Weather Service alerts for the areas you choose to see alerts about. You can choose areas by tapping on the locations button on the same screen.  Up to five areas can be selected.  There is also a terms button that shows a bunch of terms that you agree to by using weather alerts. I didn’t read them but i’m sure somebody thinks they are important hehehe.  Bottom line is FEMA wants you to know what they are and are NOT responsible for if you use their app. This is all about legal layer type stuff if ya know what I mean!

Second option on the list of menu items is “Prepare”.  Tapping this opens up a submenu with such gems as disaster safety tips, reminders, build a kit, emergency meeting place, and subscribe to tips.  The cool thing is if you tap on disaster safety tips it opens up another screen with a whole list of different types of disasters such as drought, earthquakes, landslides, space weather, and more! I tapped on space weather because it intrigued me and it gave a definition of what it is and told me what to do before, during, and after it happens!  It’s pretty cool and you definitely should check it out.   I would also highly advise you check out the “Build a Kit” section on this page because it really has some helpful advice about putting together an awesome survival kit.

There are more options on the list of menu items such as “Disaster Resources” and “Submit Disaster Photos” and there’s also a “Call 9-1-1 in case of emergency button. By the way DON’T PRESS THAT UNLESS YOU WANT TO CALL 9-1-1. I know somebody who did that once and they will remain nameless! 😉

Screen Shot Gallery

Overall Rating

Overall I think that this is a very informative and helpful app that FEMA has put out! Anyone who cares about survival things should definitely check it out. If you have a family or live in an area that has a lot of natural disasters every year should also check it out.  I really can’t find anything wrong with this app other than the fact that it’s not more entertaining.  But honestly who wants entertainment when they are trying to survive a flood or a tornado or a hurricane?  So lets get real! It’s a great app! I give it 5 stars all day long! I highly recommend it!

It’s currently available in the app store today! Go check it out!


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