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XNSpy – Monitor all your Devices for Safety and Peace of Mind

Do you have kids with android phones or employees who use android devices that you bought for them to use to conduct business? Do you wish you could have a way to see what kinds of things they were up to with those devices? Well recently I was asked to review a nifty application that allows one person to see what another person is doing on their Android phone or tablet. That application is called XNSpy.  Here’s how it works.  First you get an XNSpy account from XNSpy.com.  Then they send you some information in your email.  You then download an app to your device and activate it.  Once it’s activated you can log into your control center on another device or on a computer. From there you can see a ton of information about the device you just activated.


The Good Stuff

Some of the information you can see while using XNSpy is :

  • Phone Logs
    • Calls
    • Text Messages
    • Gmail Tracking
      • Read all emails send or received on the device
      • Get alerts on specific words
    • Contacts
    • Internet History
    • Calendar
  • Messenger App Use
  • Installed Apps
  • Locations
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Record Surroundings from Device
  • Call Recording
  • Remote Control of Device
    • Wipe Phone
    • Lock Phone
    • Take Screenshot
    • App Blocking
  • Alerts on
    • Specific contacts
    • Locations
    • Sim Card Changes

As you can see this app has the word SPY in the name of it for a reason.  With this app there is nothing someone who is monitoring a device cannot see.  It’s really very informative to say the least. One of the Great features of this app that should give parents some peace of mind is true GPS tracking of the location of the device. If your kid is carrying his phone you know where he is by using this app. Want to make sure little Timmy went to his friend’s house and not some place he shouldn’t? This app will help you do that. One of the cool things is you can also set it up to monitor specific locations where you have told them not to go. That way you aren’t watching their every move.  In my opinion this app would also be great for the boss of a company who doesn’t want his phones and tablets used for non-business purposes. This would give you total control of all the devices your watching.  Total peace of mind that your devices aren’t being using to anything illegal or immoral.

The Bad Stuff

There isn’t too much bad stuff with XNSpy. The biggest problem had been when I tried to switch monitoring from my blue stacks device to a real android tablet.  I found out that it’s not as simple and uninstalling from one device and reinstalling on another.  That would be simple but in this case I was told that there’s a TEN DOLLAR CHARGE to switch to a new device.  Needless to say I stuck it out with my blue stacks instead.  I’m not sure why a company that charges you for their system would also need to charge you more money to switch devices but they do.  Maybe it costs them money every time you change devices I don’t know.  What I do know is I’m not paying out my money for something as simple as that.  Also the fact that you can only monitor 1 device with 1 account is also kind of a bummer for me.  I have seen other systems that allow you to monitor multiple devices.  It would be nice to see them come out with a system that lets you monitor multiple devices at once. Maybe the folks at XNSpy will come out with that in the future!

Overall Rating

I highly recommend this system for anyone looking to gain some control over the devices in their life. The parent who wants to make sure their kids are safe but can still access the internet and make phone calls or the company owner looking to maintain control over the company’s mobile devices. My overall rating is four out of five stars. For the fact that you can’t switch devices easily and you can’t monitor more than one device at a time with only one account.  If not for those items it would have been five out of five.

XNSpy can be purchased on line to pick it up go to this page to buy-now. If you would like more information about XNSpy go to their android monitoring page for more info. For more about XNSpy’s features check out XNSpy Features

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