Business Cards Info Tracks Business Contacts


Business Cards InfoA Simple Business Card Storage System

Business Cards Info is an app that lets users store business card contacts.  It’s one task is to save and keep track of business cards. It has a few other features to it but this is one of the few business apps I’ve found that doesn’t try to be all things to all people.  Let’s discuss…


Business Cards Info ran perfectly each time I ran it.  I was able to test out the full functionality of the app without any glitches or crashes whatsoever.  All functionality worked as expected and each screen flowed well from one to the next.

Appearance and Usefulness

This app is not going to win any awards for appearance or convenience.  This is a true classic business app through and through.  It’s a straightforward contact management system that allows users to manage their business card contacts with a little manual data entry effort.  For some people this would be all they would need to help them keep track of their business cards.  That being said I also business cards information appthink that there are other card tracking apps out there that are a little more useful.  These apps usually allow the user to automatically upload each card and using character recognition software enter the data from the card automatically for the user.  This fact may cause some users to hold off on buy using app.  However since this is a free app it might be just what someone is looking for.  It could be especially attractive to someone just starting out in business that doesn’t have money to spend on expensive management tools.

Appearance wise Business Cards Info is a series of data entry screens that allow the users to manually enter business card data and store it.  The database is also searchable.   The screens are yellow throughout the entire app.  They also have green trim and green labels.  The color scheme doesn’t really work for me.  I’m not a big fan of the color yellow and I personally think for a business apps should try to keep colors to a minimum so as not to distract form the task it is trying to accomplish.  But that’s just me! hehehe.   Somebody who likes the color yellow might really get into the way this app looks.  Who knows?


The Business Cards Info is a free app.  This gives users plenty of opportunity to try out the app with no risk at all other than wasted time.  So go try it out and comment after you do and let me know about it.

Available in iTunes app store: [itunes link=”″ title=”Business_Cards_Info_(BCI)”]

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